Your job of parenting is crucial. Several years ago when our four children were small, after a personal encounter with Jesus, I began to communicate with Him about my concerns for our children, and my feelings of inadequacy as a mother. Prayer became my salvation, and new parenting skills were born out of love and faith in God. Your children are a blessing from the Lord, and you have the responsibility of teaching and training them. Encourage and treat your children with respect. Teach them good manners, how to greet people, how to be considerate of others. Have dinner together each evening and enjoy family time. When your child says I want to be a truck driver tell him that he can be the driver and the owner of a fleet of trucks. Remember that your children are tomorrow’s leaders: presidents, ministers, educators, inventors, and developers of new technology. Teach them who they are, help them discover their purpose in life and how to fulfill their destinies.

Heavenly Father, I commit myself, as a parent, to train my child in the way he/she is to go. When I obey your word you are faithful to your promise that my child will not depart from your ways. This child that you have given me will grow and prosper in this life and be a blessing to others. He/she is a world changer! I turn the care and burden of rearing this precious one over to you so I can walk in your wisdom and be alert to your guidance. I purpose to nurture and love him/her as you have loved us. I will command and teach my child diligently. Your grace is sufficient to overcome my inabilities as a mother/father. When I am weak then I am strong in your ability in the name of Jesus. Amen

Scripture Reading
Proverbs 22:6
1 Peter 5:7
Deuteronomy 6:7