Edward had devoted 35 years of his life to a southern utility company, and intended to stay there until his retirement. His good reputation became known throughout the organization after he was promoted to management; his diligence and hard work had been rewarded many times. In spite of his excellent work record the promotions stopped, while others with less experience were advancing. He rejoiced with them when they received promotions for which he was better qualified. Rather than becoming bitter, he remained loyal, even helping those who had once worked for him. Another promotion did come but not in the manner he expected. He was offered a position with a another company that far exceeded his expectations. The promotion had come from the north. Promotion may not come when you want it to, but it will come if you remain faithful.

Heavenly Father, according to your Word promotion comes neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. God, you are the judge: you put down one person, and set up another. I’m content to be myself so that I will become more than myself. I choose being humble and reverent toward you, Lord, and you will make me both wise and honored in the name of Jesus. I write mercy and truth upon the tablets of my heart, and you cause me to find favor with God and with man. Thank you for my promotion that comes from the north at your bidding that I might fulfill my destiny. Amen.

Scripture Reading
Psalm 75:6-7
Luke 14:11 (Message)
Proverbs 15:33 (Living)