Dear Prayer Partner, Hope that you are having a wonderful summer. Here at the lake we are excited about family, children, grandchildren and friends who visit during July. There is cooking, eating on the porch, much laugher and occasionally a few tears which are soon wiped away with a hug and a bright colored Band-Aid.

When I watch my grandchildren interacting I am reminded of the words of Jesus in Matthew 18: become like little children [trusting, lowly, loving, and forgiving]. When we as Christians live the greatest commandment: to love the Lord our God with our entire being and our neighbor as ourselves, then the world will know that God loves them.

Praying for others is an act of love – the God-kind of love. May His will be done on earth as it is in heaven! Always, pray for the children and youths of these lands.

Prayer assignments for July 16-31

16-17 – Kenya (Africa) – Pray for the integration of Christian students into local churches.
18a – Kiribati (Pacific) – Pray for a return to biblical preaching and for New Testament Christianity that will uproot and tear down the underlying power of the occult.
18b – North Korea (Asia) – Pray for the political situation, for physical and spiritual safety for North Korean believers; many are interned in labor camps.
19-20 – South Korea (Asia) – Pray that revival fires might be rekindled, that they will not lose their spiritual heritage.
21 – Kuwait (Asia) – Pray for wisdom and boldness for the Christian converts.
22 – Kyrgyzstan (Asia) – Pray for unity among Christians, continued church growth and wisdom in outreach.
23 – Laos (Asia) – Pray for perseverance and grace for Christian believers who are suffering from the government’s heavy hand, for increased freedom for evangelism.
24 – Latvia (Europe) – Pray for more workers with the vision to reach young people.
25 – Lebanon (Asia) – Pray for the government and its leaders, for political freedom that would protect religious freedom, for the healing of the deep hurts in communities, families and individuals.
26 – Lesotho (Africa) – Pray that God-fearing, honest leaders may be raised up for the good of all, for this land to be changed by the power of the Holy Spirit.
27 – Liberia (Africa) – Pray for a government and leadership that rejects oppression, a reconciliation between the ethnic groups, a healing of the terrible physical, psychological and spiritual wounds of the war, the rescue of the children of war.
28 – Libya (Africa) – Pray for this tightly-shut land to open to the gospel.
29a – Liechtenstein (Europe) – Pray for the health and growth of the first and only evangelical fellowship of believers that was started in 1985.
29b – Lithuania (Europe) – Pray that the Baptist, Pentecostal and Adventist leaderships might see the need for forward progress under the Spirit’s guidance.
30 – Luxembourg (Europe) – Pray that the Catholics who dabble in Buddhism and the New Age might encounter the living Christ who transforms all who meet Him.
31 – Macedonia (Europe) – Pray for new life to touch the Macedonian Orthodox Church and all those who belong to it.

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Pray the many Scriptural prayers from my book, Prayers That Avail Much; some are posted on our website, under “prayer search.”

Loving in Jesus’ Name,
Your Prayer Partner