Dear Prayer Partner,Thank you for praying with the Global Company of Intercession. People from many nations have united with us in prayer asking that the will of God be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Remember to pray for the children and youth of these nations. Many are returning to school this month. Include them in your prayers. Pray especially for their safety, and for God-fearing teachers.

There are many powerful, Scriptural prayers in the Prayers That Avail Much Books that can be used as weapons of spiritual warfare.

The following prayer assignments are from the book, Operation World 21st Century Edition by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk. Go to and click on Pray Today for more information.

Prayer Assignments for August 1-15, 2006 1: Madagascar
There is a deep spiritual hunger and now is the time of harvest. Young people are the key for the future in the rapidly-growing population. Pray that the power of Jesus might be manifested, and that many may trust Him completely.2: Malawi
Pray for good relations between Christians and Muslims and for an effective ministry to bring Muslims to a personal relationship with Christ.

The major issues to be tackled by the churches are:

  • Maintaining effective ministry in the midst of deep poverty and the growing AIDS crisis.
  • Training new workers for spiritually weak rural churches — few can afford the training or the subsequent support.
  • Effective theological education. There are 13 Protestant and two Roman Catholic seminaries or Bible schools. Pray that the CCAP theological faculty at Zomba might take a more strongly evangelical stand. Pray for many to be called into the ministry, and for the provision of funds to enable them to complete their studies.
  • Unity. Pray for more cooperation between the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), the Christian Council (CCM) and the CHAPEL network of Pentecostals and Charismatics. Pray that the Malawi National Initiative for Mission and Evangelism may unite the churches in effective evangelism and outreach.3-6: Malaysia
    Continued growth in size and maturity of the Church despite the restriction on propagation of Christian faith to Muslims. Evangelical churches are playing a significant role in hosting and contributing to international conferences.

    Islam has brought concern to those of other faiths who comprise nearly half the population. Any attempt to impose Islamization may threaten religious freedom. Pray that Christians may respond and act constructively and their faith be strengthened at this time. Pray also for:

      a) The constitutional provision of religious freedom to be upheld and that Christians may not be intimidated by threats but rather be bold to stand for their constitutional rights and for their heavenly right to proclaim the gospel.
      b) Unity among Christians in the midst of Islamic resurgence.

    6: Maldives
    Global warming threatens the survival of the Islands through rising sea levels that could flood and destroy them. Coral mining and a recent rise in sea temperature resulting from el Niño has killed much of the coral that is the foundation of these islands. Pray that this doomsday challenge may cause many to seek the caring God who sent Jesus.

    Maldivian believers are now physically free but carefully watched. They have suffered ostracism, loss of jobs and they cannot openly meet together or read the Scriptures. Pray that their faith may be strengthened and their lives radiate the beauty of Jesus to others. Pray also that the high-handedness of the authorities may provoke many to question the dictatorial imposition of what they should believe.

    7: Mali
    The progress of the gospel in the 1980s was praiseworthy:

      a) The Church experienced accelerated growth — outstripping national population growth. The negative is the relative stagnation in the 1990s.
      b) The number of missions and missionaries, both national and expatriate, more than doubled.
      c) Islam has proved a disappointment to many, resulting in a greater openness to Christianity. There have been several large, localized people movements to Christ — among the Bambara (GMU area) and Bobo (CMA area).
      d) Inter-Mission Partnerships have been formed for the evangelization of seven of the largest or most strategic peoples in Mali: the Bozo, Fulbe, Malinke, Soninke and Tuareg.
      e) God has used economic migration to spread the Christians, and by extension, the gospel. Pray that this move of God will continue to grow and increase in unity and harmony.

    Of the 34 ethnic groups, only four are more than 1% evangelical. All peoples are in desperate need of the good news. There are 11 groups with no known evangelical believers. Among them are the Jula, Maure, and Tukulor. Pray also for the smaller (therefore often neglected) groups with 25,000 people or less and with no known believers (Duun, Mossi, Wolof, Banka, Jotoni, Pana, Samoa). Ask God to reveal the right approach so that these people might be reached with the gospel.8: Malta
    Malta was the first nation in Europe to embrace Christianity — after the Apostle Paul’s shipwreck on the island. It has been staunchly Catholic for many centuries with high church attendance. Despite continuing devotion to religion, few Maltese have been confronted with the need for a personal faith in the living Lord Jesus. Pray for a removal of the barriers of spiritual blindness and fear that hold many from commitment to Him.

    Catholic charismatic groups have grown and spread all over the islands. They have considerable evangelistic zeal. Pray that leaders of the groups may centre their ministry on the Bible and resist pressures to compromise basic scriptural truth. North Africans have close links with Malta — especially diplomatically isolated and unevangelized Libya and also Tunisia. Pray for the many travelers, tourists and businessmen who come to Malta from these lands. Pray that there may be effective literature and personal outreach to them and that Malta may play a key role in the rebuilding of the North African Church.

    9: Mauritania & Martinique
    Islam has been entrenched for 1,000 years with little challenge. Many are the barriers to change — low literacy, no Scriptures completed in Hassaniya Arabic, only a few local radio broadcasts from Senegal, and laws that forbid Mauritanians from hearing the gospel or converting to Christ. The government takes great pains to keep Christianity away from the people. The strong man must be bound and his captives released for a truly Mauritanian Church to become a reality. Let us call forth the angels of God to war over this nation and that the stranglehold of Islam is broken.

    All Mauritanian peoples are unreached, in that there are no peoples with an indigenous church under indigenous leadership. There are a handful of believers worldwide, but individuals showing interest in Christianity in the past have been imprisoned or tortured. Pray for freedom of religion in Mauritania. Pray also for seekers and believers, that the Lord might minister to them despite the lack of opportunities to hear and grow in the gospel.

    Martinique has periodically suffered from major volcanic eruptions and earthquakes — in 1902 Mt. Pelée erupted killing 30,000. Pray that the population of this beautiful isle may see their basic instability and be shaken out of their carelessness to the things of God.

    The churches. There are growing numbers of evangelical congregations among the Baptist (SBC), Assemblies of God and Mission Chrétienne Evangélique. Pray for the grounding of these churches in the Word, and the calling of young people into full-time service. Many Christians come from dysfunctional families and a background of immorality and drug abuse.

    10: Mauritius
    Evangelism is a challenge in this complex, multi-ethnic and multi-religious society. Pray for much wisdom and discernment. The Hindu-ization of government and culture, as well as strong ancestral and ethnic ties make it difficult for Indians to become believers. Nevertheless, large numbers of Hindus are coming to Jesus through the bold witness of evangelical/Pentecostal churches.

    There is a great openness among young people. They are less bound by ethnic loyalties, but many are held back from open commitment by family pressures or liberal church leaders. Opportunities for ministry in schools and campuses are limited (the university is non-residential). Pray that God will send forth His plan and His strategies for this island.

    11 & 12: Mexico
    Let us pray that Mexicans may find their true identity in a personal faith in Christ. Pray that the government have the courage to deal with centuries of institutionalized graft and privilege, and bring about the changes that benefit all sections of society. Pray that the power of the ancient gods and spirit-world may be broken in the Spanish-speaking majority and, more especially, in the Christo-pagan Amerindian groups, that evangelical growth may stimulate reform and renewal rather than persecution. Pray for the full implementation of religious freedom at both national and local levels. Evangelicals have grown — even under the pressures. Growth has been in both international denominations (especially Pentecostals and Adventists) and also in vigorous newer indigenous movements. Pray that the momentum might be maintained.

    13: Federated States of Micronesia
    Magic is widely used and this, with Western consumerism encouraged by US aid, deadens initiative and spiritual fervor. Pray for a revelation of the power and love of Jesus to these island peoples.

    Bible translation and distribution. The lack of Scriptures in Carolinian, Kapingamarani and the smaller languages, lack of the Old Testament in all but the Chuuk language, and the limited reading of the Bible and misunderstanding of its contents hold back the spiritual development of the largely Christian population, and lay them open for Western cults. Pray for the Scriptures to dynamically impact the population.

    14: Moldova & Monaco
    This land is now fertile ground for the gospel, and Protestant churches are growing and multiplying. Moldovan-flavored renewal is occurring, and vision for evangelism and missions is increasing. Pray that the terrible Stalinist and Communist legacies may be overcome and that present liberty might be preserved, that the Holy Spirit would deepen the spiritual life of many from the Orthodox faith.

    Monaco is culturally Catholic. There are three officially recognized congregations which serve the expatriate community — Anglican, French Reformed and the strongly evangelical English-speaking Monaco Christian Fellowship. Pray that committed believers in all three might impact the whole of society.

    15: Mongolia & Montserrat
    Mongolia was once one of the most closed countries in the world, but is now relatively open, despite restrictions, with around 400 or more expatriate Christian workers. In 1989 there may have been only 4 Mongolian Christians. By 2000 there was an average of 4,000-5,000 gathering on any given Sunday, with an estimated community of 8,000-10,000 in over 60 churches and about 100 other informal groups around the country.

    Pray that the leaders of Mongolia might rule with fairness and wisdom, that Mongolians might find complete liberation and have transformed lives through following the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for effective discipleship and Christ-like living among believers. Pray that evangelical groups may do more strategic networking in order to reach the whole country more effectively.

    The massive devastation of the volcanic eruption from 1995- 2001 to the island, its economy and social life has deeply affected the people and turned the southern part of the island into inhabitable land. Many are people are nominal Christians. Pray for the shock of these events to cause many to find a living faith in Christ. Church life was seriously disrupted. Pray for the long task of rebuilding congregations, community life, property and outreach.

    My dear prayer partners, it is my prayer that you will prosper, and be in health even as your soul prospers.

    Loving in Jesus’ Name,