16-17: Morocco including Western Sahara (Africa)
Pray for wisdom for, protection upon, and salvation of King Mohammad VI. There are those who would like to overthrow him.

18-19: Mozambique (Africa)
This nation has religious freedom for the first time in its history. Pray for the emotional healing and spiritual development of Christians that they may be powerful living witnesses of the power of God.

20-21: Myanmar (Asia)
Pray for the spiritual development of Christians that they may evangelize and reach out to other unreached peoples and to the Burmese majority.

22: Namibia (Africa)
Pray for the youth to turn to Christ, for their deliverance from substance abuse and immorality.

23-24: Nepal (Asia)
Pray that many Nepalis may be challenged, called, equipped and sent out by local churches to Nepal, the Himalayan region, needy North India and beyond.

25: Netherlands (Europe)
Pray for the young people who are searching for answers in a society that has lost its direction, for parents to see the need to witness to their children, and bring them to faith in Christ.

26: New Caledonia (Pacific)
Pray that a truly biblical yet indigenous Christian witness may be raised up, and the power of the gospel demonstrated over all the power of the evil one.

27: New Zealand (Pacific)
Pray for an effective unified Christian witness that impacts the unsaved.

28: Nicaragua (Latin America)
Pray for spiritual needs to be met and Spirit-led churches to multiply.

29: Niger (Africa)
Young people have been the most responsive to Christian teachings, yet little has been done to minister to this key section of the nation. Pray for a deep and lasting impact through campus ministries.

30-Sept 1 Nigeria (Africa) Pray for Nigerian authors who are interested in writing on a wide range of issues in a culturally relevant way that they may have the means and publishing resources. Literature is vital for the growth of the Church. For daily prayer challenges on the states of Nigeria go to www.operationworld.org.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Thank you for your faithfulness. You are special to me. Together we are making a difference.

Loving in Jesus’ Name,

Your Prayer Partner


Testimony:I sent you an e-mail requesting you to Pray for my husband to win a court case against ________ who had refused to give my husband a title deed after being paid in full for a piece of land that we purchased from him over 6 years ago.Yesterday morning, the judge ruled in our favor. ______ was given 1 month to give my husband the title deed and pay my husband Kenya shillings 40,000 for damages. He was also asked to pay my husband’s lawyers, witnesses and court within 30 days, failure to which he will be committed to a civil jail.We saw the Hand of God yesterday.Thanks for your Prayers and may the Lord Bless you all in your Ministry and always meet you at your point of need.Once again, thank you. I have no words good enough to thank you. –>