My job as a beverage equipment service technician requires me to travel extensively through the Midwest.  While traveling through a small town in the western Oklahoma panhandle, a miracle of Gods supernatural protection occurred.

When I was a young boy, I had watched my Grandfather pray a prayer of protection while sitting in the car and before ever leaving the driveway, preparing for a long road trip. That scene is forever etched in my memory, as one of love & security knowing that God and our guardian angels would be there in our car keeping us safe.

Number 52, in the contents section of my PTAM special edition is circled.  It is the prayer “Safety” on page 181.

I have prayed this prayer on numerous occasions but sometimes, when my photographic memory fails to develop, I pray a simple prayer: “Father God, keep me safe from others and others safe from me while I am driving.”

Thursday morning, August 10th, 2006, a young boys life was spared a potentially deadly accident. I had just left a job site and was traveling through town on a 4-lane highway. I was in the outside lane and needed to get to the inside lane to complete a left turn 3 blocks ahead. There were 2 cars in the inside lane blocking me from changing lanes. I had a choice.  Accelerate passed the lead car or decelerate and move in behind the rear car. We were all accelerating to the 35-mph speed limit. As I moved in behind the 2nd car and passing the 2nd block of the 3 blocks before my turn, a young boy of about 10 to 12 years of age sped through the stop sign of that side street on his bicycle. Before I saw that young man, I had already started to speed up to pass the lead car and made a split second decision not to. Applied my brakes & changed lanes.

When I realized what had just happened I broke into tears and began praising my heavenly Father for saving that boy’s life.  What was really neat was that I hadn’t prayed that prayer in several days.

Sometimes we get anxious & wonder if God is listening to our prayers, I know I get that way at times. I don’t know about that boy, but that day—I know God heard my prayer.