Dear Global Intercessor, God has called many to a global vision. The prayer team and I will be leaving for Spain and Morocco on October 30th. We will be in an area that is predominantly Muslim. As occasion arises we believe for the Word of God to be preached with boldness and with signs, miracles, wonders and mighty deeds to follow. We also desire to walk in love and wisdom in this culture.

Thank you in advance for your intercession on our behalf.

The following prayer assignments are taken from Operation World 21st Century Edition by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk. For more information on each nation visit

Prayer Assignments for October 16-31 2006 15-16 – Spain (Europe) The Inquisition is a dark shadow lying over Spain. In the name of Christ, the Catholic Church burned at the stake hundreds of thousands of innocent Spanish Jews, Moors and Protestants in the 16th century. This weapon of repression was then used throughout the Americas against the indigenous population. The Church became associated with bigotry and tyranny, and also was tainted by association with the Franco dictatorship. Pray that this stain on the Spanish nation may be fully repented of and renounced and the shame on Christianity diminished. 17-18 – Sri Lanka (Asia) In the name of Jesus loose wrong thinking from the minds of the people, and bind them spirit, soul and body to the cross of Jesus, bind them to His mercy, salvation and grace. Call the influence of unleashed demonic powers null and void. The reality of the spirit world and associated idolatry underlie the present evils in Sri Lanka.

19 – St. Helena (Africa), St. Kitts-Nevis (Latin America), St. Lucia (Latin America),. St. Pierre & Miquelon (North America), St. Vincent (Latin America). In the name of Jesus, bind the peoples of these nations, spirit-soul-body to the will and purposes of God for their lives. Bind them to the truth and to the blood of Jesus. Loose every old, wrong, ungodly pattern of thinking, attitude, idea, desire, belief, motivation, habit and behavior from them. We tear down, crush, smash and destroy every stronghold associated with these things in the name of Jesus. (Excerpts from Shattering Your Strongholds by Liberty Savard, pgs. 171-172)

20-21 – Sudan (Africa) Sudan’s civil war has been one of the world’s longest conflicts in the 20th Century. Pray for peace and the formation of a viable multi-cultural, multi-religious society. Wrongs have been done — the British colonial rulers (they brought peace, honest administration and an end to slavery, but were short-sighted in handling the south), the atrocities of both northerners and southerners and the bitter divisions among the southerners themselves. Pray for repentance, restitution and rebuilding of communal life.

22 – Suriname (Latin America) Nearly half the population professes to be Christian, but few know much of a personal faith in Christ and Christian belief is often mixed with spiritism. Both the Moravian and Catholic Churches have large followings. In the Moravian Church are some evangelical leaders, revival prayer groups and also spiritual awakening among young people. Pray for revival to sweep through the traditionalism of the majority of Christians.

23 – Swaziland (Africa) Few African countries have retained such strong ties with pre-colonial political and cultural society. This leads to a clash between the claims of the past and those of biblical Christianity resulting in much compromise among Christians. The many evangelical churches have made little headway over the past decades and are generally stagnating. Pray for revival, holy living, a clear evangelical message proclaimed and greater unity among Christian leaders. Pray also that the strong hold of witchcraft and ancestor worship, as well as the spirit of polygamy and immorality, might be broken within the churches and nation. It is the men who are most bound — over 70% of church members are women.

24 – Sweden (Europe) The 19th Century was notable for revivals, a vigorous free church movement and great commitment to missions. The 20th Century was the opposite with rapid secularization and emergence of one of the most permissive societies in Europe. Government legislation reflects this. Pray for a reversal of these trends, a national awakening and the re-evangelization of Sweden.

25 – Switzerland (Europe) The great reformers, Calvin and Zwingli, expounded the truths of Scripture in this land, but few today have any interest or understanding of what real Christianity is. Wealth, comfort, indifference and a vague religiosity have become the norm. The socio-politico upheavals towards the end of the 20th Century stirred an uncertainty and identity crisis in the hearts of many, but it is the occult and eastern religions that the younger generation are exploring. Many baptised as children no longer retain any church link, and enrolled membership of Protestants and Catholics has halved in 30 years. Pray that the Swiss may find the true way in Jesus Christ, and that the nation might be stirred again by the Holy Spirit.

26 – Syria (Asia) Syrian Christians have been a respected minority since the time of the church in Antioch (Acts 13). The Orthodox and Catholics survived the rule of the Byzantines, Muslim Arabs, Crusaders, and Ottomans. Most Christians are Arab, but there is also a large Armenian community. Christians are influential in the cities, professions, politics and the armed forces, but their percentage of the population is shrinking due to a high rate of emigration to the Americas and Africa. Pray that believers may rediscover the zeal of the church of Antioch, and experience spiritual renewal. Pray that they may move past tolerating, fearing or even despising their Muslim neighbours and adopt an attitude of warm-hearted love.

27 – Tajikistan (Asia) Pray for stability that might enable Christians to offer physical and spiritual help.

28-29 – Tanzania (Africa) Pray that the government may be wise and even-handed, and that communal harmony and religious freedom may be maintained in both the mainland and Zanzibar.

30-31 – Thailand (Asia) Pray that honest, just leaders may be raised up who will also lay legal and social frameworks that will limit corruption.

May God richly bless you as you pray and reward you greatly. In the name of Jesus I bind your families to the will, purpose and plan of God for their lives.

Many blessings!