“Germaine Copeland,May I tell you “e;I AM FRUIT”e; I purchased your Prayers that Avail Much when I first came Back to the Lord at 56 years of age. I Left the Lord at 12 years of age. Due to a verse I read in the Bible where God said His Words will not return to Him Void, I needed to pray only His Words and His Will. I have been blessed by the fact that he gave me the Spirit to Seek a scorce that helped me in His Word.

I have Looked up every verse that is below the Prayers and it has been a Walk With the Lord that I cannot even decribe. I have been Blessed with the Abilty to give Prayers that Avail Much to others, and I just bought the Blessings for Little One’s. We are ALL Children to God and I am finding that Reading the Blessings to Adults is having a Wonderful meaning to them too!!

Thank You
God Bless You
and I WILL See You In Heaven