Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you for uniting with us in prayer. It is imperative that Christian believers study the Word and prays daily for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven.

God loves mankind, and He sent His Son who was slain (sacrificed), and with His blood He purchased men unto God from every tribe and language and people and nation. (Read Rev 5)

Have you signed up to receive the daily prayers? These prayers can be turned into intercessory prayers for others. They will build you up and remind you of the spiritual blessings God has provided for you in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Prayer Assignments for May 2007

For more information on the following continents, nations and tribes go to The following is from Operation World 21st Century Edition by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk.

1: Equatorial Guinea (Africa)– Pray for a government that seeks the good of the people, for repentance and revival, for purity of life and fervency in evangelism in the churches despite the prevailing poverty, corruption and despair, and for full liberty of the Gospel. Include the young people in your prayers asking God to draw them to Himself with cords and bands of love.

2: Eritrea (Africa)-Pray that Christians may be fervent for Jesus and make a significant impact on their nation and beyond, for the maturing and expansion of the relatively small evangelical witness. Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into the fields.

3: Estonia (Europe) – since the last Russian troops left in 1994, Estonia has been free to promote economic and political ties with Western Europe. It joined both NATO and the EU in the spring of 2004. Ask the Holy Spirit to create a hunger and thirst after God and His righteousness, for the Estonian Bible to mold Estonia’s post-Communist culture.

4-5: Ethiopia (Africa)-Pray for a deep work of the Holy Spirit to bring the Ethiopian Orthodox Church to its biblical heritage and to new life.

6: Faeroe Islands (Europe)-Pray for revival, for the Holy Spirit to convict and convince the Faeroes and bring demonstration to them about sin and about righteousness (uprightness of heart and right standing with God) and about judgment. (John 16:8 AMP) Fiji (Pacific)-Bind the Fijians to a deep work of the Holy Spirit and personal revival; loose thoughts of compromise and ethnic hatred from them in the name of Jesus.

7: Finland (Europe)-Pray that a deep and lasting revival might come to the entire Lutheran church in this nation.

8-10: France (Europe) – pray for a spiritual awakening! There is a need for a restoration to the faith and commitment of martyr forebears among the Catholics and Protestants; prayer challenges are numerous. I encourage you to go to the website and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what you are to pray for. (Picture: French farm landscape in Provence.)

11: French Guiana (Latin America)-ask God to draw the people to Himself with cords and bands of love, and move on the hearts of translators to provide a copy of the New Testament for them. French Polynesia (Pacific)-Tahiti is a paradise gone tragically wrong. Once a Christian nation that sent missionaries all over the Pacific, it is now debased by promiscuity, prostitution, alcoholism, drug abuse and the breakdown of family life. Pray for the Lord of the Harvest to send laborers to those young people who are frustrated and looking for answers.

12: Gabon (Africa)-Pray that God will prevail and His enemies be scattered in this spiritual battlefield.

13: The Gambia (Africa)-pray for continued freedom to witness, for Muslins to be open to the gospel and receive truth.

14: Georgia (Asia)-Pray for peace, an ending of Russian interference, economic stabilization and ethnic harmony so that the nation might gain the opportunity to recover. It is God’s will that this nation hears and receives the Gospel.

15-17: Germany (Europe)-the majority of churches have lost their identity, purpose and income. Ask God for a radical spiritual change like Luther’s Reformation nearly 500 years ago.

18-19: Ghana (Africa)-Pray for those in government that they may subject themselves to God rather than human ideologies or demonic influences and seek the best for the diverse peoples and religious groups. You can read about the other prayer challenges at

20: Greece (Europe)-Loose prejudice, blindness and fear from the minds of the people; bind biblical renewal and truth to the minds of the leaders of the Orthodox Church in the name of Jesus.

21: Greenland (North America)-pray for renewal, and new life for Dane and Greenlander alike. Grenada (Latin America)-Pray that Grenadian churches might begin to assume more responsibility and initiative in evangelism and church planting. Guadeloupe (Latin America)-Ask the Holy Spirit to convict of sin and bring many to true repentance. Guam (Pacific)-Youth problems are multiplying with estimated 100 youth gangs prone to violence. Pray that God will give YWAM ( and Teen Challenge workers strategies for reaching these young people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

22: Guatemala (Latin America)-pray for new life in the Catholic Church, and that Charismatics may be rooted in Scripture rather than subjective experience.

23: Guinea (Africa)-Pray that the Holy Spirit might transform individuals, families and tribes, making them models for a truly African Christian lifestyle.

24: Guinea-Bissau (Africa)-Ask the Lord for more national teachers, and that the costs of the Bible Institute run by the Evangelical Church, and support for the students would be increasingly met by national believers.

25: Guyana (Latin America)-pray for all believers to demonstrate te power of the gospel in their unity, ethical rectitude and divine boldness.

26: Haiti (Latin America)-pray for godly leaders who will put first the good of the nation and the addressing of its massive problems; that men and women may be raised up who will reverse the flawed democratic attempts and bring justice, as well as economic and spiritual betterment to Haiti. Holy See (Europe)-Pray that the increasing use of the Bible may mold the lives, doctrines and structures of the Roman Catholic Church; that the Charismatic renewal be a bridge to like-minded Christians in other denominations and not lose their spiritual dynamism.

27: Honduras (Latin America)-pray for the street children who are abused, exploited for sex and most suffer from malnutrition; for the agencies seeking to meet their physical and spiritual needs; for churches to own this challenge.

28-29: Hungary (Europe)-pray for the university students who are open to most spiritual influences, both false and true.

30: Iceland (Europe)-pray for a spiritual awakening for the people; for a surge of new vigor and fervor in the Lutheran and Free Churches.

31-June 16: India (Asia)-please go to website to read about the many prayer challenges. The leaders of the nation and its constituent states need prayer: that they might continue to uphold the constitution by maintaining religious freedom, that they may resist growing pressures to pass discrimination laws, that they may be more committed to tackle the serious ills of society.

I pray that the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation [of insight into mysteries and secrets] in the [deep and intimate] knowledge of Him, 18 By having the eyes of your heart flooded with light, so that you can know and understand the hope to which He has called you, and how rich is His glorious inheritance in the saints (His set-apart ones). Ephesians 1 AMP

Loving in Jesus’ Name,