Brothers and sisters in Christ. My Name is Victor Lopez. Mexican 38 years old. married to a wonderful woman Yarina Lopez. I have three children Luis, Edtberg, Brandon and one little girl about to be born next June. since I got married Satan has been trying to destroy my marriage some days ago we had this difficult situation at the point to divorce. after we argued, my wife was asking the Lord to come down as show His power doing His will. at the same time I was praying God for a pray. I was at work in front of my computer. covering my face with my hands, very desperate and Praying for help. sudenly,the word Pray came to my mind and I went to the Internet seach prays. the result miracle prayers. then I looked up in Christian Miracle prayers and shown this Pray:”Intercession for a marriage in difficulties” As far as I started reading this I felt this strong necesity to send the whole pray in a telephone message to my wife. and I did it. when I finish reading the pray. after 10 minutes, my wife responded me that she love me and that the lord does not want us separated; but together fighting for His Holy name and for His porpose into our lives.
I want to thank you for been a real untioned and obedient daugther of God doing what He comands you to do for establish his kingdom on earth.
Please pray for a word of vision and mision of God to me and my family. Long time ago. I had this prophecy I was called to preach as an evangelist all over the world. now we do not have a church we are praying for one and we are willing to follow God´s will in the ministry he want for us.
May God bless you all. and your Prayers