Dear Intercessor,Thank you for accepting the call to pray for the nations. I am a member of the Founders Circle for Deborah Company, a great host of women led by Cindy Jacobs. We pray, we change nations and we buy shoes. As the Deborah’s arise taking our place in the Body of Christ, men and women will work side by side for Kingdom purposes as God ordained in the beginning (Genesis 1).

Last week I received the honor of being inducted into the International Hall of Fame of Christian Women along with Frieda Lindsay of Christ for the Nations. Little did I know when I began to write prayers, that we would become a great host praying for the nations of the world. The Prayers That Avail Much books are now in 13 languages and many countries. I ask for your prayers for WMI as we plan for 2008.

Prayer Assignments for October 1-16 2007
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With thanks to Dawn Ministries and Operation World
Hosted by, Edited by Eloise Armstrong
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1 Rwanda (Africa) Pray that the church in Rwanda can recover from the murder of thousands of Christian leaders. Pray that Christians can live out the message of love, forgiveness and reconciliation that Rwanda needs.

2 Samoa (Pacific) The number of evangelical Christians is growing in Samoa, but in some rural areas newer churches face opposition from traditional church leaders. Pray that there would be greater freedom for all Christians and more harmony and understanding between different churches.
San Marino (Europe) Almost the entire population is baptized Catholic – and any evangelical Christians who have tried to evangelise in the past have been put in jail or forced to leave.
São Tomé & Príncipe (Africa) Pray that missionaries and churches on the islands can reach people who have never heard about Jesus, particularly on the island of Principe. Pray also that they can train and encourage local islanders to plant churches and be released into leadership.

3-4 Saudi Arabia (Asia) Over a thousand years ago Saudi Arabia had a large Christian population and now it is one of the least evangelised nations in the whole world. Pray that God would break open doorways into this country.

5 Senegal (Africa) A quarter of the population live in the capital Dakar – Christian groups are slowly growing – it is a real opportunity for reaching all of the different ethnic groups of Senegal spreading Christianity across the country.

6 Seychelles (Africa) Most of the people in the Seychelles would call themselves Christians, but they don’t really have a personal relationship with Jesus. Many also believe in African superstitions and black magic.

7 Sierra Leone (Africa) Pray for fresh vision and passion to reach the Muslim population – 70% of the country.

8 Singapore (Asia) Singapore is an established missionary base, most go to work on short-term projects. Pray that Singapore would be significant in reaching the Asian continent and that more missionaries would be able to commit to longer-term missions and projects.

9 Slovakia (Europe) Most Christian resources and books are only available in Czech, not Slovakian. Pray for publication of resources in Slovakian.

10 Solomon Islands (Pacific) Pray that each generation in the Solomon islands would come to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

11 Somalia (Africa) the Somali church has been driven totally underground; some leaders have been named on a hit list for execution. Pray that God would protect them and that they would remain strong in their faith.

12-14 South Africa (Africa) Pray that there would strength, unity and vision for the Christian church in South Africa. Pray that Christians would be able to speak into every level of society, bringing truth and hope.

15-16 Spain (Europe) There are over 1 million students in Spain, most of whom have never really heard the gospel. There are many university towns with no outreach to the young people living there. Reaching this generation is absolutely critical in impacting the whole of Spanish society.

Thank you for praying. Together we can change nations.

Loving in Jesus’ Name,