“About eleven years ago I had become involved with going through menopause and a very lonely difficult marriage. I at the time was Jewish and had no idea about the Lord. I became sick and got involved with voodoo, drinking and before I knew it my anger, and alcoholism had poisoned me to the point where in rehab they were sure I would not live. Some time before I entered rehab after a DUI, I prayed and prayed with the help of your books to save me and I would behave and live a better life and not drink again. I have kept that promise and also been celibate for 11 years as I have not been in a relationship of love. I have two wonderful children who have forgiven my 3 year bought of being crazy, I am respected in my line of work, have bought a home, and try to live a decent life. I guess the whole point of me writing this is that your prayer books do avail much, always have and I use them everyday to the point that they are frayed and pages are coming out, but I cherish them just the same. Thank you for your prayers and thank you to Jesus for being there for me always.”