February Prayer Agenda—2010

Many of our nations are facing tremendous pressures. Financial woes, natural disasters, unprecedented illnesses, famine, devastation of families by HIV-AIDS, continual wars and international unrest shape the headlines around the world. It is in the midst of these overwhelming circumstances that the Prince of Peace desires for the church to announce His kingdom. Let us persist in prayer that the light of God continues to shine brighter and brighter into the darkness of the nations and His love will pierce through bringing salvation and hope to those in greatest need.

Let us continue to pray for the devastation that occurred in Haiti on January 12th of this year.

“And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.”
Daniel 12:3
“That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;”
Phil. 2:15
“Turn us again, O God, and cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.”
Psalm 80:3, 7, 19

1-3 Continue to pray for the continent of Europe.

4-6. Continue to pray for the Pacific region of the world.

7-8. Afghanistan: Though there is no visible church in Afghanistan, the number of Afghan believers is increasing in urban and some remote rural areas. Because of fear and suspicion, many believers find it difficult to meet in groups. Some find help and encouragement through Christian radio programmes in the main languages of Afghanistan. The Taliban religious police are active in seeking out ‘converts’ who are considered apostates. Pray for their protection, consistency of faith and clarity of witness whenever opportunity arises. Pray also that the small fellowships (many are family groups) of Afghan Christians that have come into being in South Asia, Europe and North America may become bold witnesses for Christ.

Afghanistan is one of the least reached countries in the world. There are 48,000 mosques but not a single church building.

Pray for the 70 unreached peoples of this land, especially:

a) Pashtun. Approximately half the Afghan population, and politically dominant, the Pashtuns on both sides of the Afghanistan-Pakistan border comprise what has been called the largest Muslim tribal society in the world — approximately 27 million people in over 30 major sub-tribes. There are few Christians among them, though urban, educated Pashtuns in exile have shown responsiveness. Pray that multitudes might be released from the strongholds of Islam, fear, prejudice and pride in pashtunwali (their tribal code of honour).

b) Uzbek and Turkmen of the north have shown some responsiveness as refugees in other lands. Their whole way of life is under threat from the Taliban regime.

c) Tajik in the north-east. They are among the last people to resist the Taliban. Pray for their spiritual freedom.

d) The Hazara, Shi’a Muslims of Mongol descent, have been severely persecuted and even massacred by the Sunni Taliban. More responsive to the gospel in recent years.

e) The Kuchi nomads in central and western regions who numbered 2.5m before the war destroyed their lifestyle. Most are Pashto- or Persian-speaking. Many fled to Pakistan.

f) The Aimaq of the west and the Baluch and Brahui of the south.

g) The Nuristani tribes in the mountains north and east of Kabul. They speak a number of mutually unintelligible languages. The major peoples are the Waigeli 40,000; Kati 100,000; Ashkun 10,000. They were forcibly converted to Islam a century ago. Some parts of Nuristan were much influenced in the 1990s by Wahhabism, a strict Islamic sect, very hostile to anything Christian.

h) The Sikh, Hindu and Parsee minorities who are mainly traders.

9. Albania: Muslim countries have poured in huge amounts of aid and missionaries. Over one million Qur’ans have been distributed, 900 mosques refurbished or built between 1993 and 1995, and thousands given scholarships to study Islamic theology abroad. The government secretly joined the World Muslim League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference to the dismay of many. Most of the mosques are poorly attended and ignorance of Islam is high among professing Muslims. Pray that Albania may be spared the sorrows of extreme Islamism, and that Muslims may turn from the religion forced on the population in the 14th Century by their Turkish Ottoman conquerors.

The training of leaders after the devastations wrought by the Communists is a major preoccupation of the Church. The Catholics and Orthodox had 136 in training for pastoral ministry in 1998. Evangelical agencies had to accelerate leadership development for the young congregations when so many expatriates were forced out of the country in the violence and anarchy of 1997. A number of agencies are involved in leadership training — Albanian Bible Institute, YWAM DTS, Church Multiplication International, Lightforce and others. About 75 Albanians are in full-time training and many more on TEE distance-learning programmes (ABI).

The Albanian diaspora. Over half of all Albanians live outside Albania. Their spiritual need is now greater than that of Albania itself. Pray for:

a) Kosovar Albanians who are 98% Muslim with very few Christians. The 1998 Kosovo War between Serbians and Albanians resulted in UN intervention and control of this province which is still legally part of Yugoslavia. The massive flow of refugees resulted in many hearing the gospel for the first time. Albanian and expatriate Christians became deeply committed to their evangelization — pushing the young Albanian Church into missions and church planting in Kosovo once the refugees returned. Pray that the Albanian Church may continue to grow in vision and maturity as a result.

b) Albanians living in the adjoining regions of Macedonia (nearly one million) and Montenegro (35,000) — almost all are Muslim, with very little Christian outreach to them.

c) Albanians in the EU. There have long been indigenous Albanian populations in Italy (350,000) and Greece (25,000), but many ethnic Albanians now live and work in Switzerland (175,000), Germany (700,000), France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Pray that these may be reached.

10. Algeria: Theirs is an active mission force. Praise God for the witness through martyrdom of 19 Catholic clergy during the civil war. Pray that God would raise up more workers for the strengthening of the local church. Work is under way in many areas.

Pray for:

a) Relief work – an urgent priority.

b) Christian music. Much is being written in local languages; it needs to be disseminated.

c) Work among the children of Christians.

d) Protection for those who witness in the course of their daily routine.

e) The leadership of the Algerian church in Europe, and for missionary calls to their homeland. There are over 1,000 Algerian Christians in Europe.

f) The spiritual and financial support of local missionaries and their fruitfulness in ministry.

g) Local leadership training — vital for the development of a strong indigenous church.

h) The Berbers, who have the potential to sweep across the whole of North Africa with the gospel! Pray for the resources to realize the growing vision.

Opposition to the gospel is intense. Over 160 years of tearful sowing by a tenacious succession of missionaries is only now bearing fruit. North Africans have long and bitter memories of “Christian” conquests, colonialism and atrocities.
Pray that centuries of prejudice and misunderstandings may be taken away and hearts opened to the gospel message.
Christian literature in the national languages and French is often requested but hard to supply. Pray for permission to import, print, and distribute Bibles, books, teaching materials, and audio cassettes, as well as BCCs. Postal censorship is severe, leading to confiscation of mail and interrogation of recipients; pray for deliverances in this. There is an increasing need for BCCs and other materials in Kabyle and Algerian Arabic.

Pray for those responsible for literature preparation and distribution.

Bible translation and distribution is fraught with obstacles and restrictions. The Bible Society has recently been allowed to re-open its work in the country. Translation work is proceeding in two Berber languages, but nothing has been done for several of the dialects. These projects need much perseverance and finance to put the translation onto cassette and video. Praise God that the translation of the whole New Testament into Kabyle in the Latin script was completed in 1997. Translation has begun into Shawiya. Work is in progress in Algerian Arabic, a language spoken by up to 25 million people — most do not understand Standard Arabic.
Pray for those choosing which Bible passages to translate first, and pray that this work might brighten the spiritual climate of the nation.

11. American Samoa: Samoans in this U.S. territory are relatively well-off in comparison to independent Samoa to the west, but are adversely affected by the dominant materialistic culture and wealth of their rulers.
Pray for the indigenous people that they may find their destiny in wholehearted commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.
Spectacular Mormon growth demonstrates the spiritual poverty of the mainline churches who have lost large numbers to this erroneous system. Praise God for the evangelical ministries and churches making an impact for the Lord. The Assemblies of God have grown through evangelism. There is also a large YWAM base in the islands.
Pray for new spiritual life and vigor in these churches.

11. Andorra:
Materialism holds Andorra in a tight grip. Once a smugglers’ refuge, Andorra now attracts well-heeled tourists and international finance.
Pray that the myth of fulfillment through materialism would be exposed for the lie that it is.
The occult is a stronghold in this beautiful principality. Most people consult mediums, seers, and astrologers for guidance and advice, usually at great financial cost. Few seek out priests of the majority Catholic Church.
Pray for God to break down these strongholds and to open the eyes of Andorrans and expatriates alike to see the light of the gospel.
Biblical Christianity is gaining a foothold, slowly but surely. There are now three evangelical churches when there were none a few years ago, and there are now some indigenous Andorran believers. This is a change from 5 years ago, when nearly all of the handful of Christians were expatriates.
Praise God for the first-fruits of the harvest in Andorra, and ask that it may grow.

12 -13 Angola: Christians have suffered ostracism, abuse, discrimination and outright persecution for many decades. In the first ten years after independence there was intense persecution of Christians, dozens of pastors and thousands of believers were martyred or abducted, and many churches were deliberately destroyed. Many simple Christians kept the faith and witnessed. As a result, congregations have multiplied in both the UNITA and MPLA areas during the conflict. Services are packed, and despite their desperation and destitution hundreds of thousands have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray that this growth may continue and lead to the total evangelization of the country.

The church has not emerged unscathed and needs much prayer –

Pray specifically for:

a) Love that transcends tribal loyalties and the violent politics that fed on such, often dividing Christians.

b) Forgiveness of the perpetrators of violence and of Christians who compromised under pressure.

c) The ending of state restrictions and manipulation, and the emergence of true freedom of religion. Only about half of the 150 denominations have been granted registration.

d) Christ-like, holy living by followers of the Lord Jesus that commends the gospel to unbelievers, and a passion for outreach to their disillusioned, apathetic neighbours.

e) Unity in the gospel. The Angola Evangelical Alliance links 10 denominations for coordinated action, but because of war it can hardly function.

13. Anguilla: Anguilla is a remnant of a bygone era as a little colonial outpost. There is religion, but without much vision for evangelism, committed discipleship or taking the gospel to other parts of the world.
Pray that this little island and its churches may not be bypassed by the Holy Spirit.
Inter-denominational cooperation has not been the best despite the island’s smallness.
Pray that Christ’s followers may function effectively as His body.

Antigua: Antiguans are almost all Christian in name, with many Evangelicals among them, but they are complacent in the face of serious moral and spiritual breakdown.
Pray for revival which galvanizes Christians to prayer and involvement which impacts their society.
Strongholds of sin are drug-dealing, violence, gambling, prostitution and a growing kidnapping ‘industry’.
Pray that these may be broken down.
Oneness in fellowship and vision is a great need.
Pray for effective cooperation between the constituent congregations and agencies of the United Evangelical Association.

Social and spiritual needs to cover in prayer:
a) Many refugees from Montserrat have fled to Antigua since the 1997 volcanic eruption on their island.
b) The small Hispanic, Lebanese, Muslim and Hindu trading communities.

14-15. Argentina: Spiritual hunger has led to growth. Evangelicals were under 1 million in 1980, but had increased to nearly 3m by 2000.
Pray for a deepening of the work of the Holy Spirit in believers. The spiritual hunger in the nation is also winning large followings for cults and Umbanda occultism from Brazil.
Spiritual warfare against the forces of darkness has played a prominent part in Christian ministry, with decisive blows struck against bondage, witchcraft and sin.
Pray for the protection and continued spiritual health of all in the forefront of the battle.
Renewal has impacted nearly every denomination. Revival based on Scripture (rather than emotion) is needed, which deeply changes individuals, congregations and the nation. Godly and humble leadership, holy living and high ethical standards are in short supply.
Pray that the Church might also impact every level of society for good.
Unity of believers is essential to growth and revival. At a local level, Councils of Pastors meet for prayer in the cities and, slowly, trust is being built and cooperative ministry enhanced. At a national level, the National Council of Christian Evangelical Churches (Consejo Nacional Cristiano Evangelico) has drawn together leaders from across the evangelical spectrum. Pride and fear in the midst of massive changes in church structures and society can damage the desired unity.
Pray that leaders may hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church today.
Appropriate leadership for the churches is a critical bottleneck to growth. Leaders that disciple and empower other leaders and who know both the power of the Spirit and the depths of the Word are too rare.
Pray for those involved in training through seminaries, Bible schools and TEE.
Pray also for students, who are hindered by finance, lack of facilities and time.
16. Armenia: The 1700 years of Armenia as a Christian nation, the world’s first, was celebrated in 2001.
Of the surrounding nations, few have a significant indigenous church. Over the past 10 years a number of Armenians have gone to serve the Lord in Russia and Muslim lands.
Pray that Armenian Christians might become a source of light and blessing to surrounding nations
Pray that this movement may grow.
The Armenian Church Loving Brotherhood is the evangelical arm of the Apostolic Church which has its roots in the fifth century. The Brotherhood suffered much in past centuries and under Communism, but has been able to operate openly since the late ’80s as an autonomous body within the Apostolic Church. Their main emphases are on biblical preaching, personal witness, charitable works and publishing and distributing evangelical literature and Bibles. By 1999 they had grown to 20,000 active members and had 500 preaching points all over Armenia.
Pray for this movement and its influence for good on the nation.

Pray for the following Christian Help Ministries:

a) Relief work. The long-standing economic crisis has heightened the value of indigenous and foreign relief and aid programmes. There is real need for work-creating projects (TEAR Fund, ELAM, Love Armenia).
b) Student witness is being pioneered by IFES and others. Pray for acceptance from state and university authorities and development of the work.
c) Bible distribution. The newly completed Kurdish Kermanji NT is being distributed. The Bible Society has an established ministry with a well-used Bible Centre in Yerevan.
d) The JESUS film has been widely used in four languages.
e) Christian Radio. TWR in Albania and Cyprus broadcast in Kurmanji and Armenian. TWR also broadcasts from Armenia to nine Central Asian and Middle Eastern countries – 60 of the least reached mega-peoples are within range of the station.
The Kurds are mainly of the ancient Yezidi religion; some are Shi’a Muslim. The growing Kurdish church is reaching out to Kurds in Armenia, the CIS countries and elsewhere.
Pray for the necessary resources for them to continue this outreach, and that the 25 million Kurdish people may be reached.
Evangelical Christianity has thrived among the 3.5m Armenians of the diaspora, with many congregations in the Middle East, North America and elsewhere. Most Armenians have retained close links even after many generations. Since 1988 a number of Armenian churches and ministries have given generously and invested in reaching their homeland, with remarkable results.
Pray for the world to be blessed through this global people.

17. Aruba: There has been growth in evangelical witness –predominantly among the more recent arrivals. Considerable numbers have immigrated from Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. There are nearly 40 evangelical congregations with outreach, about half in English. Inter-church rivalry has harmed overall witness. The major spiritual growth is in AoG– and TEAM-related churches, though the Methodists too have experienced a strong move of the Spirit.
Pray for a greater impact on the Papiamento-speaking population.
Media. Radio Victoria (TEAM) and the AoG station broadcast to the Antilles and to the whole Caribbean in Papiamento and other languages. TWR broadcasts from Bonaire 14 hours a day in Spanish.
Pray for enduring fruitfulness for this ministry.

18-19. Australia: Secularism and a pursuit of leisure, pleasure and wealth characterize Australia. Although 68% of Australians claim to be Christian, negative attitudes towards authority and tradition make it hard for the average man in the street to see the gospel as meaningful or the church as relevant. There is widespread interest in spirituality, but people are not turning to the churches to explore it.
Pray that many might find solutions to life’s problems and find their identity in a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.
Evangelicals are strong in the Sydney Anglican diocese and a growing minority in the Melbourne diocese (30%). Several mainline churches have evangelical majorities while all of the rest have significant and active minorities. However mainline churches are in varying degrees of polarization over such issues as the ordination of women, homosexuality and traditional church structures which are leading to further divisions. The casualty rate among pastors is a concern — there are over 10,000 ex-pastors, almost the same number as presently serving pastors.
Pray for a greater understanding of the post-modern world, more effective proclamation of the gospel in relevant ways and use of appropriate structures for growing the Christian community.
Although some Australian churches have a good mission focus, there is a general lack of missions vision in most churches. The relatively large number of Australian missionaries suffers from lack of support at every level. The vision for world evangelization has to be imparted to pastors during their theological training. Mission awareness courses, such as Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, are now being used in every state of Australia and the steady growth in numbers is encouraging. Students of all ages are being changed and are getting involved as goers or active senders.
Pray for them and that churches may be enthused through them.
Pray also for the missionary force, especially those who have gone to pioneer areas.
There has been a drastic drop in Sunday School attendance, and alternative methods must be found to reach the younger generation. The Christian school systems are growing rapidly. The Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship (SU) has a valuable ministry in secondary schools. In every State but South Australia religious instruction is conducted in schools by volunteers from the churches. Many groups, such as Youth For Christ, the Crusader Movement, God Squad and others are seeking to evangelize young people. The innovative Fusion Ministries has developed a well-researched and culturally relevant range of ministries to youth and to families based in 25 centers with 200 full-time workers across the country.
Pray for the young people and children to experience genuine encounters with Jesus.
The 350,000 indigenous Aborigines have been demoralized in their contacts with Western culture and greed and have been frustrated about their lack of control over their lands and their heritage. Recognition of the land rights of the first Australians has become a major political issue in recent years. Reconciliation between black and white Australians is a crucial issue yet to be resolved. Some have adapted to the invading culture, but many have been marginalized, and others have retreated into the more inaccessible and inhospitable parts of the country. There are a number of areas, especially in the north and west of the country where there are strong congregations with effective outreach.

20-21. Austria: Austria is a cultured nation famed for its music, art and beautiful scenery. Yet Austrians need a personal faith in Christ, and only a small minority has clearly heard how they may find one. Over 75% of the population is Christian in name, but with no meaningful link with any church, yet an estimated 80% have had dealings with the occult. The high suicide, abortion and alcoholism statistics indicate the spiritual need.
Pray for this nation to be set free by the power of Jesus.
Austria is Catholic by culture, not commitment. The annual membership loss accelerated in the 1990s to 35-40,000. The number of priests has declined and the priesthood has been stained by prominent sex scandals. Twelve years of religious education during childhood ‘inoculates’ the population against vital personal faith in Christ and results in rejection of both the Catholic Church and any others. In 1539 over 90% of Austrians were following the Reformation; today 3% of the younger generation goes to church. There is a small renewal movement in the Catholic Church.
Pray that prejudice and antipathy may be broken down.
Newer evangelical/Pentecostal churches are few and small in number, but growing. During the 1980s, congregations almost doubled in number, rising from 57 to 97, and attendances tripled, but in the 1990s this growth slowed. Born-again believers in these churches and in the mainline denominations combined may still number less than 20,000. Pray for the multiplication of congregations where the Lord Jesus Christ is proclaimed and honoured.
Pray also for the efforts of both the Evangelical Alliance (ÖEA) and the Fellowship of Evangelical Congregations in Austria (ARGEGÖ) to bring more cooperative action to the fragmented evangelical cause.
Austria is Catholic by culture, not commitment. The annual membership loss accelerated in the 1990s to 35-40,000. The number of priests has declined and the priesthood has been stained by prominent sex scandals. Twelve years of religious education during childhood ‘inoculates’ the population against vital personal faith in Christ and results in rejection of both the Catholic Church and any others. In 1539 over 90% of Austrians were following the Reformation; today 3% of the younger generation go to church. There is a small renewal movement in the Catholic Church.
Pray that prejudice and antipathy may be broken down.
Witness among the 222,000 students is one of the most fruitful in the land today. Over half of these are in Vienna, where there are also 15,000 international students. Strong groups in the seven universities are growing in depth and outreach.
Pray that these young Christians may have an impact on the land and its churches.
Pray also for the ministries of ÖSM(IFES), CCC and Navigators on the campuses of Austria. Both CEF (with 18 workers) and SU have an appreciated, but limited, ministry to school-age children.

22. Azerbaijan: Azerbaijan’s political situation is complex and potentially dangerous. The unresolved conflict with Armenia and the growing international confrontation between Armenia, Russia and Iran on one side and Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia and NATO countries on the other over the exploitation and transport of oil could lead to war.
Pray for peace with a just resolution of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict—a legacy of Stalin’s border re-alignments.
The majority of Christians are Russian-speaking or from other ethnic minorities. Some evangelical churches have had great difficulty in obtaining official recognition and permission to find places for worship.
Pray for their witness to the majority Muslim population that it may be with humility, sensitivity and love.
Most of the Azerbaijani towns and villages have never been evangelized.
a) In 2000 there were still 600,000 homeless and largely unemployed refugees from Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh.
Pray for compassionate ministry to them.
b) The Caucasus peoples are almost all Muslim and unevangelized. The only exceptions are the Georgians and Udi who are traditionally Christian.
Pray for the Lezgi, Avar and Tsakhur peoples.
c) The Indo-Iranian speaking minorities of Tat, Talysh and Kurds are unreached.
Pray for an inroad into these areas for this group of people.

23. Bahamas
: Materialism stimulated by tourism and drug money has deeply affected every level of society. Nearly all Bahamians claim to be Christian, but nominalism is widespread. A 55% illegitimacy rate, widespread drug addiction and family breakdown are symptoms of spiritual need.
Pray for God-glorifying changes. Among Christians, commitment is low despite the large percentage of Evangelicals in the country. Few are willing to commit themselves to the Lord’s work, and many congregations are without adequate pastoral care.
Pray for revival, and for a missionary vision among believers.

23. Bahrain: Bahrain is a political and spiritual key for the whole Gulf area – more so since the Gulf War in 1991. Islam impacts life less comprehensively than in surrounding states. Pray that democratic and religious freedoms might be fully implemented.
Bahrain has provided a good base for Christian ministry for over a century. The American Mission Hospital is well known and highly regarded.
Pray that this may continue and that there may be fruit from the tactful witness of believers.
The largest Arab Christian community in the Gulf states is here – most being expatriate. There are several informal networks of these believers.
Pray for them and their witness.
Amongst the large expatriate community, predominantly from South and East Asia and also the West, are a considerable number of active Christians meeting formally and informally.
Pray that individuals may have courage and wisdom to share their faith outside their own cultural group.
The labor force of nearly 200,000 is 58% expatriate and drawn from 45 nations. The less evangelized of these expatriate communities are the Iranians, Hindus and Muslims from India and Pakistan. Nearly half the congregations and house groups are Indian.
Pray that Christians within some of these national groups may win people for Christ.

24- 26. Bangladesh: The downward spiral of poverty and suffering cannot be reversed without good, honest and impartial leadership for the nation. The majority of the population is illiterate, malnourished and without adequate medical care.
Pray for political stability and a government that is courageous to stand against Islamist demands for increased Islamization and against corruption. It also needs to make tough decisions to improve the quality of life for all.
Discrimination against ethnic and religious minorities, under pressure from extremist Muslim groups, has increased. Christians, Hindus and Buddhists suffer many disadvantages and there have been cases of destruction of churches and persecution of Christians for their faith.
Pray for the binding of the powers of darkness operating in the religious, social and ethnic realms.
Pray also that constitutional freedom for all to practice and propagate their own religions might be maintained.
The churches have been growing at twice the population rate over the past 40 years. Though still constituting officially only 0.3% of the population, they are having an increasing impact on society. Over 80% are literate.

27. Barbados: Since settlement in 1627, Barbados has been Protestant. Despite religious profession and a large number of Evangelicals, real commitment to the Lordship of Jesus is not the norm. Materialism, decreasing church attendance, increased violence and crime are the symptoms of spiritual malaise.
Pray for the renewal of God’s people and a spiritual awakening throughout the country.
The Church needs a fresh touch from God. There is much disunity, competition and mistrust between leaders of denominations.
Pray that there might be a loving commitment to fellowship and prayer among those in Christian ministry.
Pray for the Barbados Evangelical Association that seeks to provide the platform for this.

External challenges to the gospel are evident in the activity of Satanist groups and increased efforts by Muslims and Mormons to win those disillusioned with what they see of traditional Christianity.
Pray for the confounding of these efforts and for Christians to demonstrate the love and power of God.

28. Belarus: Belarus stumbled into an unexpected independence and is still searching for a national identity. Progress is crippled by the lack of political and economic freedom needed for growth.
Pray for true democratic and religious freedom.
The cultural dominance of Poland and Russia lasted for many centuries.
Pray for a truly indigenous expression of Belarusian Christianity to be developed and then spread using all methods: church services, theological education, literature, and broadcasting.
Belarus has received far less attention from missions than her Slavic neighbors, Russia and the Ukraine. Pray that the Lord might call more people to serve long-term in this needy land.
Pray that Western missionaries in Belarus might have a sensitive and humble spirit, working as servants with the local churches.
Pray for a spirit of wisdom in ministering which avoids drawing negative attention from hostile authorities and the media.

“This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” (I John 1:5 KJV)

Our prayers continue to be that the light of the world will shine brightly in those places most in need of both the love and the light of the gospel. May your life be enriched as you take time to pray for the nations of the earth.


Lane M. Holland, M.Div.
Prayer Coordinator

Word Ministries

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