All is Well

Standing at the window in the prayer cottage above the garage a tall oak with its intricately woven green leaf dress blocked my view of the eastern skies. The song, “Sweet Hour of Prayer,” softly flowed through my being and I sensed the Presence of the Lover of my Soul. Bowing my head in worship, a gentle voice instructed me to make my requests known with thanksgiving.

Lord, I asked, please send Good News this day to those whose worlds have been turned upside down. Keep them by your power so their faith will not fail. Please create a desire for salvation in the hearts of those who do not know Jesus as Lord and Messiah. Father, you said to give honor where honor is due; create in me an attitude of honor and respect for others. My requests were simply spoken. Only the Spirit of the Living God can draw others to the cross of Jesus, and only He can complete His work in the hearts of those who are in the midst of crisis. I thanked the Holy Spirit for helping me pray when I didn’t know what to pray.

Opening my eyes I saw the majestic tree branches adorned with shiny sparkling jewels. It was the sun behind the trees making an appearance, and in a short time this brightness arose above the giant oaks outside my windows; the land as far as I could see became a canvas of light and shadows among the trees. The sun was there all the time!!

The morning has passed. I no longer see the sun, the winds trouble the surface of the water, the temperature is cool, but I know the sun is there in the heavens behind the rain clouds. Prayers are being answered because our God hears and answers prayer that He might be glorified!!

Ask and you shall receive is a promise from our Savior.

It is well with my soul. All is well…the Son has risen with healing in His wings!