This is considered the month of love and expressing our love for special ones in our life. Isn’t it wonderful that God gave us the greatest valentine of all:

This is how much God loved the world: He gave his Son, his one and only Son. And this is why: so that no one need be destroyed; by believing in him, anyone can have a whole and lasting life. God didn’t go to all the trouble of sending his Son merely to point an accusing finger, telling the world how bad it was. He came to help, to put the world right again. Anyone who trusts in him is acquitted (John 3:16-17 The Message)

Let us pray together this month for the love of the Lord to shine bright in the nations of the earth!


17. Anguilla: Anguilla is a remnant of a bygone era as a little colonial outpost.

Pray that this small island and its churches may not be bypassed by the Holy Spirit.

Pray that religious traditions might be infused with real spiritual life.

The quiet nature of Anguilla could be significantly changed by even small numbers of immigrants; increased tourist traffic and resort size present challenges.

Pray for spiritual strength in the midst of change.

Interdenominational cooperation needs further improvement despite the island’s
small size.

Pray that Christ’s followers may function effectively as a united body.

17. Antigua & Barbuda: Strongholds of sin remain entrenched – money laundering, drug dealing, violence, gambling and others. The recent arrest in the USA of a major investor in Antigua is wreaking some havoc in the economic and political spheres.

Pray that righteous authorities and the prayers of the saints may break down these structures of sin; pray for wisdom and discernment for the government in handling these difficult issues.

Two local Christian radio stations are on the islands.

Pray that Abundant Life Radio and Caribbean Radio Lighthouse might be powerful influences for the Kingdom.

18.-19. Argentina: Deep-seated problems are masked by recent economic and political progress. The nation emerged from its crises with a much wider gap between rich and poor. In the past, the nation prided itself on its egalitarian society, but now as many as 500,000 live in slums in
and around Buenos Aires. Two pillars of Argentina, its strong middle class and education system, are under threat.

Pray for the country’s decision makers to focus beyond mere economic growth to assisting the most needy and building a solid foundation for the future.

Spiritual hunger led to growth. Evangelical numbers, under one million in 1980,
reached 3.7 million by 2010. It is no coincidence that this growth was simultaneous to
some of Argentina’s most troubled times.

Pray that the Spirit will continue to draw many to himself and to do a deep work in believers. But spiritual openness is also seeing many drawn into cults, including Umbanda occultism from Brazil as well as to churches with some questionable teachings.

Unity of believers is essential to growth and revival. Locally, Councils of Pastors
meet for prayer in key cities, and, slowly, trust is being built and cooperative ministry
enhanced. On a national level, the National Evangelical Alliance (ACIERA) draws together
leaders from across the evangelical spectrum.

Pray that leaders may hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church today and act together in faith.

20.-21. Armenia: Good relations with neighbors are key to Armenia’s future. The political and economic scenes are deeply affected by this issue. Centuries of bitter conflict, oppression and massacres left a legacy of hatred and mistrust of these nations. From 1915-17, the Turks killed up to 1.5 million Armenians in what many regard as an unrecognized genocide. Much has been made of Turkey’s refusal to accept responsibility. However, small but significant
progress between the two nations has been achieved in recent years; a timetable is set to normalize diplomatic relations between them and to open their shared border once again.

Pray that Armenians would be able to forgive, and pray for the establishment of trade, trust
and cooperation between Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Armenia was the world’s first Christian nation and enjoys a great spiritual legacy of
more than 1,700 years of Christianity.

Pray that Armenian Christians might become sources of light and blessing to the surrounding region; few peoples here have a significant indigenous church. Armenian Christians are only now realizing the blessing of their Christian heritage and the mission responsibility that lies with it. Pray that this movement may grow.

The Armenian Apostolic Church has long been a cultural refuge in times of
persecution, but the very traditional nature of the Church, which is key to Armenian
self-identity, also keeps them from discovering the living Christ. It often inoculates Armenians
against the message shared by other Christian groups.

Pray for:

a) Unity and cooperation within the Church. There are two main groups, tracing back nearly
1,000 years, which use different dialects. Pray that these two (Eastern and Western) will find
common ground and the ability to work together for the purposes of God.

b) Deep spiritual regeneration of the Church and for godly leaders. This Church will almost
certainly remain the dominant religious force in Armenian life. Therefore, pray that there
would be a radical transformation therein that sees Christ glorified and many saved.

c) An appreciation of, and fellowship with, the smaller denominations in Armenia. Though
this is improving, significant suspicion and occasional hostility toward non-Orthodox groups

22. Aruba: Media. There are three Christian radio stations on Aruba: Radio Victoria (originally TEAM) and two others broadcast to Aruba and the Venezuelan coast. TWR broadcasts to Bonaire on its FM station and internationally through shortwave and the Internet. The gospel is also proclaimed on programmes that appear on secular radio and TV.

Pray for the enduring fruitfulness of these strategic ministries.

The evangelical presence has grown, predominantly due to the more recent arrivals. Large numbers have immigrated from Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia, but evangelical growth is not even. There are several English-speaking churches and many congregations using Papiamento. Pray for a greater impact on the Asian immigrant population.

23.-24. Australia: Australia is undergoing many changes, all of which place greater strains and tensions on the nation.

Some examples for prayer are:

a) Increasing pluralism and aggressive secularization have taken greater hold of public life. A traditionally Christian country, Australia is now characterized more by its diversity of religions under a secular rubric, with increasingly secular laws – especially regarding issues of sexuality, religion and the sanctity of life.

Pray that Christian values might not be driven into the margins, but that believers might engage secular society in a productive and relevant manner.

b) Sustained immigration has created a multicultural country – at least in the larger cities –
and introduced fast-growing religious and ethnic minorities, with all the attending tensions.
These changes enrich the nation in many ways, but they also place clear challenges before
those wishing to retain its Christian and/or Anglo-Saxon heritage.

c) Australia’s role as regional peacekeeper and stable democracy is a blessing to many Pacific
and Asian countries (Timor, Bougainville, Solomon Islands, others). Thank God for the
wherewithal and willpower to save lives abroad, and pray that this role would bond Australians
together and establish stability overseas. Attitudes toward refugees and asylum seekers are
strained by the constant inflow of people.

d) The precarious ecology is overexploited, in urban settings as much as in rural ones.
Australia’s ecology is possibly the most fragile of any continent, and with the years-long
drought and increasing use of land and water, serious ramifications for the future must be
addressed. It may be that the land itself fails, even if Australian society succeeds. Government
and grassroots efforts to preserve Australia’s environment are, however, admirable in their
scope and commitment.

Pray for wisdom in conservation and stewardship.

Student ministry is one area needing greater attention. Witness to the nearly 600,000
students in 40 universities and many more colleges has had some impact, but not nearly as
much as potential would allow. AFES(IFES) is on almost every campus (with 53 groups and
nearly 100 workers/volunteers), Student Life (CCCI) is on over 20 and Navigators on 5. A
notable trend is that foreign students are proving more responsive to outreach than Australians.
Praise God for this open door, but …

Pray that Australians might also be reached during this crucial phase of their lives.

Pray for a greater evangelistic zeal, a larger harvest for the Kingdom and an increased flow of missionaries from these groups to the world.

Young people and children. With a drastic drop in Sunday school attendance,
alternative methods must be found to reach the younger generation. Christian school
systems are growing rapidly. The Inter-Schools Christian Fellowship (SU) has a valuable
ministry in secondary schools. In every state except South Australia, religious instruction is
conducted in schools by volunteers from churches, but this is increasingly one voice among
competing religions (Islam and Baha’i, especially). Many groups – such as YFC, the Crusader
Movement, God Squad and others – seek to evangelize young people. The innovative Fusion
International developed a well-researched and culturally relevant range of ministries to youth,
kids and families, and is based in 25 centers with over 200 full-time workers across the country.
A non-religious chaplaincy/counselor role is filled by committed believers in hundreds of
schools, many of them through SU.

Pray for their faith to help them offer caring support and wise advice to students dealing with many personal and social issues.

23.-24. : Christmas Island; Territory of Cocos(Keeling) Islands; Norfolk Island:

The isolation of the islands and their limited resources make Christian ministry difficult. Isolation also makes their communities’ very existence somewhat precarious – depending on assistance from Australia, potential disaster from violent weather and a great distance from immediate help.

Pray for God to move among the existing churches to foster renewal and awakening, and for believers to reach out effectively to others, particularly to the Malays of Cocos Island and the Chinese of Christmas Island.

25.-26. Austria: Almost all church growth occurs within evangelical/charismatic churches. Pentecostal churches nearly doubled between 2000 and 2010. Even so, all evangelicals number only 0.5% of the population. (WdV) working across all Christian blocs, as well as the Evangelical Alliance (ÖEA) and the Fellowship of Evangelical Congregations in Austria (ARGEGÖ). Their work is vital in bringing cooperation and partnership to the diverse Christian framework.

Pray for further multiplication of congregations where the Lord Jesus Christ is proclaimed and honored.

Pray also for the efforts of the Runde Tisch

Pastors for the multiplying congregations are a great need. Locating leaders,
training them capably, then supporting them adequately is a challenge. BAO (Bible
Training on Location), a decentralized programme of non-formal courses based in Vienna, has
over 500 students receiving training and is seeking to expand further in Austria. The Evangelical
Academy (EVAK) operates a Bible college in three locations.

Pray for these as well as the Evangelical Education for Austria (EBÖ) and other training programmes.

Pray for God to raise up men and women with passion for the Kingdom, for holiness and for people to be won.

Less-reached sections of the population that need prayer:

a) Provinces. Lower Austria and Burgenland in the east, Styria in the southeast and Voralberg
and Tyrol in the west have fewer evangelicals.

b) Rural areas. People living away from the cities have little chance to encounter the gospel.
Most do not have an evangelical group in their midst.

Pray for believers to reach out to these neglected areas.

c) Cults and sects. The aggressive activities of New Age movements, Eastern religions, Jehovah’s Witnesses (more numerous than evangelicals), Mormons and the New Apostolic Church have gained thousands of followers. The Dalai Lama conducted a rite wherein he released 722 spirits to make Austria the bridgehead of Buddhism for Western Europe.

Pray both for the nullification of these efforts and for the release of those ensnared in false beliefs.

27. Republic of Azerbaijan: The Church faces intensifying opposition, even as it grows. Many churches find intimidation, surveillance and obstructionist tactics increasingly common. Despite these, there is relative freedom to share the gospel sensitively – many Azeris are Muslim out of cultural affiliation rather than deliberate choice. Pray that Christian witness to the majority Muslim population may be with humility, wisdom and love.

Nagorno-Karabakh is an almost entirely Armenian enclave existing as a de facto
separate state within Azerbaijan’s borders, using Armenian money, licence plates and
such. Escalating tensions began in 1987 and culminated in a war in 1990 with Nagorno-
Karabakh’s declaration of independence. A corridor between the enclave and Armenia exists,
across which soldiers from both sides eye each other daily.
Pray for:

a) Conflict to be avoided. Many fear an impending reawakening of hostilities as Azeri military
spending and its ambitions peak. No one has committed to finding a political solution. Pray
for the deliberate choice of all leaders to find a workable and peaceful solution.

b) The proclamation of the gospel. Orthodox churches have re-established, but there is little
known non-Orthodox, evangelical witness, despite relative freedom to establish such. Pray
for the good news to be made known, and for a renewal within the Orthodox Church,
which is so deeply tied to Armenian identity.

Azerbaijan remains a politically volatile nation. The conflict with Armenia remains
unresolved, with both sides manipulating the suffering of many for their own advantage.
Regional tensions – involving Russia and its southern republics, Turkey, Georgia, Iran and with
NATO – complicate matters further. Azerbaijani military spending is at an all-time high, and
no long-term solution to any problem has been found, with most players being intransigent on
key issues. Pray for stability and a genuine will to make peace in and around Azerbaijan.

28. Bahamas: Christian commitment is low and nominalism widespread, despite nearly all Bahamians claiming to be Christian. Few are willing to commit themselves to the Lord’s work, and many congregations are without adequate pastoral care. Most households own a Bible; few actively read it.

Pray for revival and for a missionary vision among believers.

The younger generation is increasingly out of touch with and alienated from
traditional church culture. Specific efforts to reach, disciple and integrate them into the
larger body of Christ are needed.

There is a growing Haitian Diaspora who are resented by Bahamians.

Pray for God to enable the Bahamian Church to minister meaningfully to this needy group in their midst.

28. Bahrain: Christian ministry in Bahrain has good foundations. For over a century, the American Mission Hospital has been well known and highly regarded.

Pray that this may continue and that there may be fruit from the tactful witness of believers.

Bahrain enjoys greater freedoms than almost all Gulf countries and therefore is
spiritually strategic. With greater freedoms, the accompanying vices are becoming problems. Many Saudis and Kuwaitis visit here to enjoy the more relaxed environment.

Pray for them to meet Christians and encounter the gospel. Pray for the king as he leads the nation forward.

Among the large expatriate community (predominantly from South and East Asia and
the Middle East, but also the West and Africa), a considerable number of active Christians
meet formally and informally.

Pray that expat believers might have courage and wisdom to share their faith outside their cultural group as well as a sense of God’s purpose in bringing them to Bahrain.

One area of great potential is in education. The internationalization of education opens
many opportunities, since locals prize good education and much schooling is in English.

Pray for believing teachers who will be witnesses in their jobs.

March 1.-3. Bangladesh: The cycle of poverty will perpetuate itself until fundamental changes occur.

Pray for long-term, penetrating transformation in the following areas of desperate need:

a) The economy is sorely underdeveloped.B Bangladesh has little infrastructure, very few
natural resources, and therefore affords few ways of making an income. Most people work
in agriculture or textiles for scandalously low wages. The majority of Bangladeshis live in
gripping poverty, with a very small wealthy minority.

b) A solid social foundation for progress is lacking. Education levels are low (but improving),
and overpopulation creates problems in a nation already wanting in land, resources and
employment opportunities. Women have been the backbone of micro-credit success (80%
of households participate in benefits from micro-credit), yet often suffer undignified and
inequitable treatment.

c) A frightening vulnerability to changes in climate and economy. With such widespread
poverty, a large proportion of income is spent on food. Significant rises in food prices have
a devastating effect, but not as devastating as the effect of flooding from swollen rivers and
monsoons. With alarming regularity, the nation is made to endure tragic loss of life and

The churches have been growing faster than the population rate for the last 50 years.

Pray specifically for:

a) The people-movement tribal churches. Significant church growth (greater than 10%
evangelical) has occurred among the following peoples: Santal, Munda, Khasi, Garo, Maramei,
Ralte, Mizo, Poi. Another 18 groups have more than 5% evangelicals and multiplying

Pray that these churches may become strong and full of vision for mission.

b) The churches among sections of the Hindu population. The majority of indigenous
believers have traditionally been from a Hindu background, and usually from the less
populous and lower caste peoples. The ill-treatment of Hindus in Bangladesh has made
them more amenable to the gospel.

c) Believers from a Muslim background. There are tens of thousands who now call on Jesus as
Lord, but a wider breakthrough awaits. Some have found Christ through highly contextualized
“Jesus mosques”, others through relational networks, even visions and dreams.

Pray for these fledgling movements with such staggering potential to grow, spread and mature.

As we end this time of prayer I pray that these nations and people groups will remain in your heart. Our God is faithful to hear and answer our petitions. We believe for the winds of revival to blow across the nations of the earth. May you have a blessed month!

“If My people, who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, pray, seek, crave, and require of necessity My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.” (II Chronicles 7:14),


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