Momentarily I was shocked when I heard my voice requesting an interview with the Most Holy God. Now I see it as a form of intercessory prayer. God, in His mercy allowed me to proceed.

Father-God, the church prayed, prayer vigils were held, people gathered to worship you. I know that you never fail even one word of your promise, but I am puzzled about where we are as the Church. We are more divided than ever! Many are in a state of confusion, and confusion is not from you. According to the scriptures as I understand them, you have not failed; I need to hear from you. Where did we miss it; where do we go from here?  Teach me to pray.  Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.”

His answer astonished me:

  • Many focused on abortion and same-sex marriage, opening the door to anger, resentment and even bitterness toward people that I have come to save.
  • Many placed their trust in a man and a political system. Ignoring Ephesians 6:12, they positioned themselves against one another.
  • There are seven things I hate listed in Proverbs 6:16-19. I came to earth to save people who are guilty of committing these sins. 
  • My commission to the church is clear; it is simple.  Go and make disciples of all nations!

Another question, Lord. Why are you asking me to pray for the man, Barak Obama? 

  • I have multitudes who are praying for President Obama, but few who are praying for the man. (Really, Lord, multitudes?)
  • I knew him before the foundation of the world, and my plans for him are from the beginning. 
  • I ordained him to be a leader and gave him gifts to be used for my Kingdom and the good of mankind.
  • Satan desires to pervert the gifts

Lord, you taught me to pray the Scriptures.

  • Can we apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 to our nation in the year 2013? 
  • Can we stand in the gap and build up the hedge as in Ezekiel 22:30?

Remember: Hebrews 8:5-7; Luke 10:19; James 5:14; 1 John 5:14-15, Ephesians 1:18-22; 2:5-10; 6:10-12.

Lord, teach me to pray for the man, Mr. Obama, who is the President of the United States of America.

Look for Part 3 next week

The Prayer