If Word Ministries, the Prayers That Avail Much book series and/or www.prayers.org has been a blessing to you then we want to offer the opportunity to connect with us financially as we move forward with what God has given us.  Your financial connection helps local women’s recovery homes and shelters for abused women, you are helping rescue children and families from the slave industry in Pakistan, Kenya, Iraq and other countries, you have helped finance a church in China, support missionaries in Romania, North Africa and SE Asia.  You are also helping build homes, schools and supply medical care for people whose lives are being changed from living in the garbage dumps of Honduras. This is just some of the things that we together are doing here and abroad.  When you connect with us financially and in prayer you are showing the love of to Jesus to others all over the world.

We are asking you to join with us as a monthly contributor.  We have things set up so that you can connect with us for as little as $1.00 a month either through our website http://www2.prayers.org/donate.html or by calling the office at 770-267-7603 or you can mail your tax-deductible gift to:

Word Ministries, Inc.

PO Box 289

Good Hope, GA 30655


Sow your seed into good ground and watch God provide the harvest.

Here are some testimonials of what you help us accomplish:

Val wrote:

Praise Report: Thank you Father for answered prayer!  I submitted a prayer request the week my husband was laid off and again a week or so later regarding our finances and I thank everyone who joined with us in prayer. My husband was hired within two weeks of the layoff.  The job he received had been filled but they decided to hire him as well and “make” a place for him.  In this job market it’s unheard of.  The company that released him and hundreds others decided to offer them a severance package several weeks AFTER the layoff so now we are receiving double checks to help us pay off the debts we had accumulated during the five weeks we were without any income at all. We were not able to receive any unemployment benefits but God brought other who helped us with food and a little money to get us by. Neither my husband nor I have any family.  My parents have both gone on to be with the Lord.  But, HE tells me that, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up.”  And He has.



Rebekah wrote:

When I was a young mother, a woman in Colorado prayed for me with tremendous power. I asked her where she learned to pray. She told me about “Prayers that Avail Much”. I got myself a copy and began my prayer journey. That was in 1984. Over the last 28 years there is not enough room here to list all God’s answers to prayer. However, the most recent is a healing concerning my 7 month old granddaughter born with spina bifida. After surgery, her little bladder shut down; and my daughter and son-in-law had to catheterize her every three hours. We sent out a prayer request via email to all our family and friends. After speaking God’s word back to Him, concerning healing, her little bladder “woke up”. Both my daughters use “Prayers that Avail Much” to speak their faith and needs to God. They were just infants when I began learning to pray, and now they use the same book to cover their young families in prayer. Thank you. May everything you put your hand to prosper, and may you be surrounded with His peace that passes understanding.