As we come to the end of another calendar year and all the busyness of the holidays I ask you to remember to take a moment and join us as we pray that the Savior of the world becomes known to those among the nations that have not yet heard the good news:

“For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  7Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.” (Isaiah 9:6-7, KJV)

1-2 Ukraine:

Communism fell two decades ago, but its effects are still deeply felt. The market economy has actually driven many to poverty while lining the pockets of the elite. Corruption reaches to the highest levels while pensioners, teachers, doctors and other state employees struggle economically. The moral vacuum of post-Communist freedom led to rapidly increasing rates of alcoholism and AIDS.

Pray for righteousness, justice and compassion to shine forth into this situation.

Ukraine is a key nation, a bridge between East and West, Orthodox and Catholic.
Slavic Christianity was born in Kyiv 1,000 years ago. Most Ukrainians are part of the
Ukrainian Orthodox Church, but it is torn by factions loyal to competing patriarchs in Kyiv and Moscow. The Autocephalous Orthodox Church condemns both for compliance with the Communists, but is itself beset with schisms. The Greek or Uniate Catholic Church, which follows the Orthodox liturgy and structure but accepts the leadership of the Pope, is also large. There is much competition for limited resources, reacquired buildings and dwindling populations. Superstition and superficiality are widespread, but those with a love for God and the Scriptures remain faithful.

Pray that spiritual life and renewal, rather than power-politics, may govern structures and relationships within these large Christian bodies.

Leadership training is probably the primary church need in Ukraine. Twenty years of
sustained growth created thousands of new congregations requiring leadership formation.
There are dozens of seminaries, Bible schools and institutes, the capacities of which must grow to meet current and future demands. Western agencies contribute helpfully in this area, including SGA, GEM, and Calvary Chapel Mission, Baptist and Pentecostal groups and others.

Pray for them to serve professionally and humbly. Ask for God’s provision for good academic resources and textbooks, for building projects and also funding for student scholarships.

3. United Arab Emirates:

Radical changes in the last generation created a culture crisis in the UAE. Traditionalists and progressives face off over many issues such as the role of women and democracy. The younger generation hangs in the balance, but will their Islamic heritage merely be replaced by selfish materialism?

Pray that new opportunities will yield a spiritual hunger for the truth and not just the trappings of a wealthy lifestyle.

Expatriate Christians have opportunities for discreet sharing as the nation becomes
more open and international. However, arrests, imprisonment and deportation still occur
for those who evangelize or distribute Christian literature unwisely.

Pray that believers would demonstrate Christ in their words and deeds with discernment and confidence.

Pray for the English, Arabic, Urdu, Filipino and Indian language worship groups and congregations in their worship and witness.

4.-6. United Kingdom:

The sense that all is not well pervades the country. “Broken Britain” is the catchphrase of the tabloid news. The “freedoms” of the 1960s led to social disaster and hastened spiritual decline. Many are discouraged about the future and cynical about the seeming
impotence of politicians to deal with the malaise; this trait is exacerbated by the media. Violent crime, alcohol and drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases, immorality, prostitution, illegitimacy and abortion rates, gambling addiction and personal debt levels are not just alarmingly high, but in some cases are tacitly encouraged by misled government policies. Conservatives point to breakdown of the family and traditional morality as primary causes. The simultaneous decline of Christian values in society over this same period is hardly a coincidence. Without a radical change, disaster looms. Many Christians are praying for revival.

Pray for national repentance and restoration to the spiritual vigor that once made Britain’s Christians a blessing to the world.

Christianity is increasingly marginalized by a hostile media and public mood.
Christian morality and belief in the uniqueness of Jesus are labelled “intolerant”.
Government regulations make it increasingly difficult to minister in the public arena. Many believe serious persecution is not far off.

Pray that believers may recognize and address the decline of Christianity in the public sphere.

Pray that they may recover confidence in the gospel and boldness and passion to share it – lovingly and unapologetically – with the majority who
have little concept of its content.

England is the most secular of the four countries that comprise the UK. The steady
decline in belief and church attendance is of deep concern. Only 6% of people regularly
attend church; those who do attend rarely engage with the unbelieving majority. Notional
Christianity is giving way to atheism as the main barrier to true faith; the trappings of inherited cultural forms of Christianity are being discarded. This presents both a great challenge and a new opportunity for a fresh start to the re-evangelization of England.
Pray that the Holy Spirit may break into lives and bring a sense of the reality of God and the truth of the gospel.

Peace has prevailed in Northern Ireland since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement and
especially since a power-sharing agreement in 2007. Only a small number of dissidents
persist, but through them, the threat of violence remains. Greater risks to long-term peace are the mistrust and resentment that can remain in people’s hearts.

Pray for repentance and forgiveness of past transgressions and crimes and for reconciliation between communities.

Pray for those who work to uphold the peace, especially politicians and police.

Scotland faces a potent cocktail of social ills. Nearly half of all children are born
out of wedlock. Alcohol and drug abuse are high. The country has the inauspicious title
of the worst-performing Western European nation, based on economy, employment, health and education. Increasingly, Christian groups are engaging these problems;
pray that the transforming impact of the gospel may be evident through loving witness and ministry.

Church growth is evident among the non-institutional groups – Pentecostals, Baptists, Brethren and the Salvation Army. The Aberdeen area has the highest percentage of non-church-goers.

Pray for the effective re-evangelization of Scotland

Wales is known as the land of revivals and the land of song. From early in the 18th
Century, Wales experienced a consistent series of revivals, the last of these occurring in
1904. Since then, decline in church attendance and closure of churches in Wales have been higher than in any other part of the UK. Although many congregations remain, most are small churches of 25 people or less. National weekly attendance of religious services is 7% and only 3.5% among under-30s. In recent years, though, pockets of growth have appeared, especially within evangelical congregations that both proclaim the gospel and demonstrate it through community involvement.

Pray that revival may come again and that the entire country will again sing the praises of Jesus.

The Isle of Man has a long Christian tradition, but just as in the UK, nominalism
is rife and non-religion is growing.

Pray that the Church will continue to strive to bring people back into the fold and that the Isle of Man might see an awakening.

Channel Islands: Guernsey and especially Jersey rely upon the financial sector for their economic growth, leading to accusations they are used as tax havens. Relative prosperity and an emphasis on material wealth have inevitably blunted the spiritual life of the islands.

Pray for an awakening.

The island of Sark was the last feudal state in Europe. In 2008, they held their first
democratic elections, which led to a great deal of controversy and to the closing of many
businesses. Though all businesses reopened within a few weeks, the economy was negatively impacted, and the political situation remains somewhat uncertain.

Pray that the island will be able to build a just government while continuing to protect its delicate ecosystem.

7.-11.United States:

America’s massive cultural and social influence makes it the world’s greatest force for good and its greatest purveyor of sin. The generosity of aid and development, the defense of human rights and opposition to tyranny, the many breakthroughs in technology and media, the great levelers of education, information and capitalism have all made the world a
better place. These are in contrast to the insensitive cultural imperialism, selfish individualism, unbridled corporate greed and exportation of immorality (such as pornography, casual violence and shallow materialism) that are foisted upon the world. America’s appetite for illicit drugs and massive consumption of fossil fuels cause wars abroad, prop up corrupt regimes and inflict suffering on indigenous peoples of other lands.

Pray that God might shape this nation to be a greater force for good and destroy the structures of sin that pollute much of the world.

Native Americans, also called American Indians, have suffered intensely through
centuries of encounters with white people. Before European contact, Native Americans
numbered at least 20 million; by 1890, only 250,000 remained – most perished through diseases brought by Europeans. Through ruthless colonization and a long string of treaties and promises made and broken by whites, the natives lost almost all their lands, identity, heritage, culture and self-respect. Forced resettlement onto arid, fruitless lands helped create a dependency on the federal government. Today, hopelessness, poverty, disease, alcoholism, suicide, abuse and unemployment are common. Indigenous culture is being revived and demands for reparation are meeting with success.

Pray for these:

a) The flourishing of Christianity among Native Americans. The failure by missions to
enculturate the gospel, the imposition of European religious forms, the paternalistic and
often cruel treatment of natives by the missions and the collusion of missionaries with the
federal government all undermined the potential impact of the gospel. Today, perhaps only 5% of Native Americans are born again. Culturally appropriate ministry, development of indigenous forms of Christian worship and attention to the important processes of healing and deliverance are yielding fruit. Native Americans are realizing that they can be both Christian and Native American.

b) The full reconciliation of native and immigrant peoples. This goes far beyond apologies and financial reparations for wrongs done generations ago. True repentance by white Americans and true forgiveness by American Indians, when genuine, are usually precursors to great spiritual breakthrough.

c) Bible translation has regained importance as local languages are revived. Over 50 languages (and many more dialects) are in common use, and SIL and others have teams working in 27.

d) An indigenous movement of the gospel that will complete the evangelization of all 550 recognized tribes. God is raising up native American ministries to reach their own; Wiconi International, Eagles’ Wings Ministry, Indian Life Ministries and The Native American Resource Network are just a few. First Nations Monday is a multifaceted prayer network for and by the US’s indigenous peoples.

e) The indigenous peoples of Alaska have retained their identity, but their subsistence lifestyle places them at odds with the modern world and with the degradation of their environment. Today, many evangelical missions – such as SEND, Interact Ministries, Avant, Evangelical Covenant Church and Arctic Barnabas – work effectively in partnership, a sharp contrast to the demarcations of a century ago. The rigors of wilderness isolation, marked by vast distances accessible only by aircraft, and a harsh Arctic environment complicate the effective engagement of the unreached. No decisive people movement to Christ has yet occurred among the aboriginal peoples of Alaska.

The religious canvas of American life is being repainted before our eyes. This happens
both in the wider framework and within the Church.

Pray for the following issues:

a) The introduction and growth of world religions accelerate through immigration. Post modernity and permissiveness encourage every expression of spirituality imaginable, healthy and unhealthy. Since 1990, there has been a pronounced decline in the overt affiliation to organized Christianity. This loss is not to other religions or new religious movements so much as a rejection of all organized religion – the non-religious bloc nearly doubled from 9% in 1990 to 16.5% in 2010. Almost all of the largest Protestant denominations declined as a proportion to the total population from 2000 to 2010.

b) Shifts within Christianity itself have transformed the landscape. While most denominations struggle to even maintain their numbers, post-denominational movements thrive. These are expressed mostly through mega churches and their networks and satellite churches, and through the burgeoning house church/simple church movement, both of which account for millions of believers.

Pray that the Church might recognize these shifts and call out to God to revitalize and revive, equipping the Church to once more transmit the truth and power of the gospel to the entire nation.

12. Uruguay:

Uruguayan society has been characterized by secularism and hope in man for over 100 years. The Catholic Church espoused liberation theology and failed to attend to the spiritual needs of Uruguayans. Catholicism may lay claim to 55% of the population, but only 2.3% attend Mass. Most Catholics are, in practice, non-religious. Such godlessness has in turn led to some of the highest rates of depression, suicide, abortion and divorce in Latin America.

Pray for the Lord, through His Church, to radically transform Uruguayan society for His glory.

Lack of knowledge of God gives opening to a spirit of error. Afro-Brazilian Spiritism
is the fastest growing religion in Uruguay. The largest non-Catholic religious bodies are
cults and sects of questionable orthodoxy. While 81% believe in God, most adhere to a “do-it yourself” spirituality influenced by New Age thinking.

Pray for all religious deceptions to be exposed and the demonic powers behind them defeated.

Evangelical churches struggled to make an impact on Uruguayan society in the 20th
Century, garnering only meager fruit in converts. However, since the late 1990s, growth
of evangelicals, especially Pentecostal groups, has rapidly increased.

Pray for a continuing harvest, and that the thousands of new believers might be discipled and pastored effectively.

13.-14. Uzbekistan:

Uzbekistan is an arena of competing value systems. The term Uzbek means “master of himself”, but many seek to enslave the Uzbeks with their ideologies: warmed-over communism, radical Islamism (especially in the fertile Ferghana valley) and occult-tainted folk Islam.

Pray that Uzbeks might find freedom by serving the Lord their Creator and true Master.

Uzbekistan’s government relentlessly persecutes the Church. Dynamic and evangelism oriented churches, especially Uzbek churches, are particularly targeted. Uzbek Christian
leaders have extensive files on them compiled by the 14 different government agencies that monitor religious activity. Persecution tactics include: public humiliation, property seizure, book and Bible-burning, expulsion of Christian students, dismissal of Christian employees, arrests (followed by beating and torture) under the flimsiest of pretexts and massive fines for first offences (up to 50 times the annual salary). The near impossibility of legally registering has birthed a mobile and fast-growing house church movement. A well-networked union of house churches helps to create stability and support amid the persecution.

Pray for Christians who are under pressure to betray fellow believers to the authorities. Pray too for those persecuted and in prison, that God may give them strength and boldness.

Uzbekistan is the strategic key to Central Asia, hence the intensifying struggle between the post-Soviet regime and the Islamist movements. The government’s “iron fist” policy is not deterring thousands of jobless young men from joining these movements. But much of the population is torn between these two and tired of the poverty, corruption and failure to progress.

Pray for genuine change, reform and leadership that demonstrate uprightness and governs for the sake of the people.

Pray that in the midst of the struggle, many may find true peace that only Jesus can give.

15. Vanuatu:

The spiritual challenges for Christians that need prayer:

a) Small pockets of traditional ethnic religion remain on Tanna, Aniwa, Santo, Vao and other islands. Many still follow kastom (custom) and strict taboos. Cargo cults persist, though declining significantly in number.

b) Culture and the gospel. Different churches have come to different conclusions on how
much traditional culture is appropriate to retain, with extremes on both sides.

Pray that ni-Vanuatu believers would be guided rightly in what parts of kastom can be redeemed and what parts must be set aside.

c) The increasing influx of other faiths. Mormon numbers have grown quickly because of missionary activity. Baha’i numbers are likewise growing rapidly. Muslims are active and offer free Islamic schooling in Fiji to students.

Pray for the truth to be made manifest and for ni-Vanuatu to hold fast to the life they found in Christ.

d) Pray for a deeper grasp of the Christian faith in Vanuatu. Most of those drawn into other religions or cults lack an adequate understanding of the Bible, which safeguards them against such false teachings.

16. Venezuela:

Challenges facing the churches. The need is for:

a) Commitment to discipleship. Confronted with poverty, political activism and outright spiritual warfare, believers need to make wise choices. A life of true discipleship is not easy, and full-time ministry is even more of a challenge.

b) Unity is essential for further growth and for the power to stand up to opposition.
Cooperation is higher than ever before through the work of the Evangelical Council of
Venezuela (representing 150 Christian groups), Amanacer/DAWN and others.

c) Theological orthodoxy. Spiritual error has crept into many churches through prosperity teaching, legalism or unbiblical practices instituted by misguided leaders.

d) Missions vision is spreading within the churches, and interest is growing, especially among younger people. But the challenge of sending workers to Latin America and beyond is significant. Foursquare, YWAM, AoG, Horizontes and Kairos have mission-training schools (the latter two of Brazilian origin).

Pray for the Lord to prosper this young but accelerating mission’s movement.

On a social level, Venezuela is struggling. Poverty is still widespread and may be
growing, and relative living standards are dropping (60% of urbanites live in slums). Power is concentrated in the hands of an ever-shrinking cadre, and the nation is regarded as the second most corrupt in Latin America after Haiti. Venezuela is increasingly used as a transshipment point for trafficking primarily drugs but also people. The promised utopia of “21st Century socialism” is not taking root, at least not as quickly as hoped.
Pray that amid significant economic change and political turmoil, the neediest in society would be cared for and communities would be strengthened.

Venezuela is a volatile and divided nation. The economy is deeply dependent on
the price of oil, and the political scene is polarized between the president’s supporters and
his detractors. Increasingly strident anti-Western posturing offsets widespread investments in social and economic programmes for the poor.

Pray for the wisdom to administer the nation wisely, to implement sensible policies that strengthen the nation and to strive for peace domestically and abroad.

18.-19. Vietnam:

One of the few Communist nations in the 21st Century, Vietnam faces new challenges. Repression of all types of freedom continues, but at the same time, social ills are on the rise. Drug addiction, AIDS, prostitution and exploitation of children are all too
common. The land has seen great violence. Division and mistrust have been effective tools in the enemy’s hands in recent generations.

Pray that the ideological and moral darkness over this nation might be banished by the light of the gospel.

The country is increasingly opening up as economic progress continues. Most of the
population was born after the Vietnam War and is more interested in capital gain and the outside world than Communist propaganda. They are proving responsive to the gospel – for reasons good and bad. At the same time, newfound prosperity has opened the door to rampant materialism and other competing ideologies.

Pray that the Truth might be clearly and effectively proclaimed, particularly among the growing masses of young professionals.

The Vietnamese Diaspora has two elements: those who fled the Communists, mostly
in the 1970s, and those who more recently travelled abroad as guest workers in other Asian countries. Over three million live around the globe, where they are more accessible to ministry. Hundreds of thousands (including many from minority ethnic groups) are labouring abroad as migrant workers and have encountered the gospel in Malaysia, South Korea or other transit points, often through the evangelistic work of Vietnamese living abroad. Many overseas Vietnamese are returning to their homeland with a spiritual burden for their country.

Pray for fruitful and sensitive ministry to flourish as a result.

20. US Virgin Islands:

Specific outreach is needed for the many tourists, the Hispanic immigrants, the Rastafarians and those involved in the morally questionable aspects of island life.

Pray that local churches and their leaders may work together in evangelism and in vision for the future.

The Christian Church has become very nominal, lacking in vitality and vision. The
Moravians had a glorious past, but they and all churches need revival. The Catholic
Church increases through immigration of Puerto Ricans and through charismatic renewal.
Some evangelical groups have grown.

Pray for revival.

21.-22. Wallis and Futuna:

The Catholic Church and Polynesian culture and social structures are so interwoven that adherence to Christianity is often more outward than through a living, personal faith.

Pray for firsthand faith for these two island peoples.

More Wallisian and Futunans live in New Caledonia than live in their own home
islands. Seeking work, many find themselves caught in a spiral of substance abuse instead.

Pray for those in New Caledonia to find freedom in Christ and to, in turn, bring blessing back to their homeland.


Openly believing in Jesus is dangerous for Yemenis – shari’a law, culture and family expectations are all factors in this.

Pray for greater freedom for believers to encourage others to follow Christ and to be agents of cultural transformation.

Pray for the transformation of their families, for it is from them that the worst persecution comes.

Most Christians are expatriates. Many are Ethiopian refugees, among whom are
several thriving evangelical congregations. Others are Westerners, South and East Asians
and other Arabs in secular jobs. No church buildings are yet allowed in the north.

Pray that expatriate believers may maintain their spiritual growth amid discouragement, sickness, isolation and constant threats to their presence in the land.

Yemen has suffered almost unending conflict over the last four decades – three civil
wars, conflict with neighboring states, the effects of the Gulf War, Somalia’s collapse into anarchy, the Ethiopian/Eritrean war and tribal skirmishes. Tensions between Shi’a and Sunni Muslims make Yemen ripe for sectarian violence, to the point of insurgencies or even outright civil war. The treasured right of Yemenis to bear arms fuels tribal rivalries, while kidnapping, crime and sabotage are common forms of protest and fundraising. There are between three and four firearms for each person in the country.
Pray for a fair and just government that will bring about national unity and peace.

23. Zambia:

The declaration of Zambia as a Christian nation in 1991 was encouraging, but the outworking is sorely lacking. Ex-President Chiluba, an outspoken believer, was accused (and cleared in court) of embezzlement, and his successor Mwanawasa, who actively rooted out such corruption, died suddenly and unexpectedly. While Zambia remains an island of stability and peace surrounded by countries rocked by war and strife, national transformation along biblical lines is conspicuous by its absence.

Pray that the dedication of Zambia to Christ would be reflected by the dedication of its leaders and its Christians to see a land blessed by and honoring God.

The “brain drain” of many of Africa’s brightest and best to richer nation’s impacts
Zambia deeply. While Zambian doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professionals and pastors set up shop in South Africa, Europe and North America, their home nation cries out for precisely the skills and resources they have to offer.

Pray for conviction to return to be blessings and the ideal missionaries to their country.

Churches still vary widely in spiritual quality and vigor.

Pray for:

a) The many thriving evangelical congregations in the northwest. This area has a high
concentration of evangelical believers, largely as a result of the ministry of the Brethren/
CMML, SIM and Baptists. There is still a need for spiritual depth and learning, but
enthusiasm is high for ministry and mission.

b) The fruitful work of the Brethren in Christ and Churches of Christ among the Tonga
peoples in the south; health care and pastoral training are two key emphases in this area.

c) The Reformed Church among the Nyanja peoples in the east, which is theologically
evangelical, large in number and still growing.

d) The Lozi and southwestern peoples and the Bemba and northern peoples, who traditionally have few evangelical congregations. Many have become nominally Christian or have been swept into sectarian or syncretistic indigenous churches. Pray for churches to be planted in these spiritually needy areas. Heart Cry, Africa Outreach Ministries and Baptists are church planting among these peoples and among Bemba-speaking peoples in the north, where there is an exciting growth of evangelical congregations.

24.-25. Zimbabwe:

Urgent human needs abound. A web of inter-related disasters combined to create a state of emergency.

Pray especially for:

a) The economy. Hyperinflation and economic meltdown have driven millions into gripping poverty from which there seems no escape.

i Hyperinflation reached ridiculous proportions, possibly up to one billion percent per year with the printing of $500 trillion notes. The government knocked 16 zeros off the currency; Zimbabwean money is regarded as worthless and people demand payment in South African or US currency. The taming of inflation is essential to building up the economy.

Unemployment reached 90%, and those few employed rarely get paid in a useful currency. Negligible recourse to meaningful or gainful work not only impoverishes a nation but destroys its morale as well.

b) The education system, once among the best in Africa, has ground to a halt. Enrollment
plummeted from a once admirable 92.5%, as few can afford the $4/term school fee. Entire terms are cancelled as schools and universities shut down altogether. The paralyzation of education robs Zimbabwe of its future.

c) Health care is also in meltdown. Power failures, lack of supplies and inability to pay workers leave hospitals inoperable. Even basic health care is under siege, now provided by NGOs more than by the state. The 2008 cholera epidemic prompted the government to declare a state of emergency, though it continues to lack resources to prevent further spread. Over 100,000 may have been infected.

As the Church has grown, so have the challenges.

Pray for:

a) The relationship with the government. The Church must be a prophetic voice engaged in the politico-economic life of the nation. Any such engagement has brought heavy-handed reprisals from the government including the intimidation and harassment of pastors and the destruction of certain church buildings. Some denominations have compromised their testimony by blindly endorsing Mugabe; others have spoken against government policies and suffered for it. The Zimbabwe Christian Alliance and the Save Zimbabwe Campaign are examples of churches engaging in the political process to catalyze change.

b) Social action. With much of the country in decay, it is increasingly falling to churches to feed the hungry, care for orphans, protect the vulnerable and heal the sick. With assistance from ministries based in South Africa and around the globe, Zimbabwe’s churches are doing this, but they could benefit from further mobilization, training and, of course, financial resources.

c) Theological training and education – crucial as the church grows but threatened by
widespread instability and want. There are at least 23 Bible colleges and seminaries, but the real growth is in modular training and TEE. Positions for study exist here and in broader university religious study programmes as well, but funding in the present economic environment is scarce to non-existent.

Pray for effective teaching and discipling of those called to serve the Lord.

d) Spiritual unity. Divisions and splits still occur, especially within Apostolic and charismatic groups. The gap separating evangelicals, mainliners and African Independent Churches (AICs) makes collaborative efforts difficult at a time when a unified mission of the Church is greatly needed. The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe links over 121 denominations and 20 organizations, and Fambidzano/EFZIM links AICs for fellowship and theological instruction. The Zimbabwe Council of Churches (ZCC), Zimbabwe Catholic Bishops Conference (ZCBC), National Pastors’ Conference and Ministers Fraternal all hold influence and therefore opportunity.

e) The purity of the Church is often compromised by traditional African practices that are incompatible with the gospel, often by outright witchcraft and occult activities. The growth of AICs is commendable for cultural relevance but not at the expense of theological orthodoxy.

Pray for churches to find truly Zimbabwean expressions of biblical faith rooted
firmly in God’s Word.


The last prayer in the Bible is “Come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20). Peter tells us that we should be “waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God” (2 Peter 3:12 ESV). How better can we do it than by praying for the fulfillment of Genesis 12:3, Revelation 7:9-10 and Matthew 24:14?

Pray for:

The speediest possible evangelization of the world, of every unreached people
group, area, city and nation.

The Great Commission to be restored to its rightful centrality in the ministry of
the Church worldwide.

Your part in achieving this. What is God’s will for your life? In the coming year, are you
willing to do whatever He commands regarding the needs of the world? Is it possible God
is calling you to a specific ministry in praying, supporting or going to the ends of the earth for your Master?

Your local church’s part.

Pray that your fellowship may grow in missionary zeal and commitment in the coming year.

We have reached the end of another year of praying and standing for a Move of God in the nations of the earth. Word Ministries thanks you for your consistent part in helping us with our vision to cover the earth with prayers and to help in the sending of messengers to share the good news of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

May this next year find you in the center of God’s will for your life and that you will consider joining us again as we pray our way around the world with the Word!

Germaine Copeland & the Staff of Word Ministries

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