Praying for A Wayward Child from A Mother’s Heart

The agony that I felt could not be expressed! When our son wandered into the strange world of addiction, my husband and I discovered that addiction is a family problem. This was a time for soul-searching and seeking help. How did we get here and where do we go from here?

Sometimes the emotional pain and turmoil is so severe it is difficult to pray. Reading the Psalms was a safe place and helped me pour out my anguish to God.

Many times I was able to “let go and let God” only to find myself taking on the care again. Finally, the day arrived when I said…Lord, I may not see David delivered in my lifetime here on earth but I will see him in heaven. That day God granted me the grace to trust Him with our son who had been born for such a time as this. God knew what was ahead, and He prepared me emotionally and spiritually for David’s arrest and incarceration. Little did I know prison would be the place of decision for David!

The Holy Spirit led me through the process and gave me the grace to:

Search the Scriptures for wisdom

Submit to the separation of soul and spirit

Let go of self-pity

Study and learn about addictions

Join a support group for co-dependency

Quit the “blame game” and let go of the “if only”

Forgive David, myself, and everyone that I had blamed

Quit trying to help God

Trust God with David who is “a disciple taught of the LORD”

Build up the hedge of protection by praying according to the Word

You can read the rest of the story in Prayers That Avail Much for Your Family. There are prayers included to help guide you in your prayers as you yield to the ministry of the Holy Spirit who helps you and shows you how to pray!