Choosing a New Bank

Lord, I pray concerning the choice of a new bank. In order to carry on the operations of our business, we must locate a sound financial institution that can and will properly handle our money matters.
I ask You, Lord, to help us find such a bank: one that will be sensitive to our needs, that will believe in us as an organization and that will be concerned about us as individuals—not just as another account number.
Father, we are looking for people with whom we can develop a long-term relationship and grow with as the needs of our company grow. It is our desire to be a blessing to them just as they bless us.
Help us, Lord, to look into the future and make wise decisions, choices that will be best for the company and everyone in it—not only now, but in the years to come.
Thank You, Father, for leading us to the right bank and for giving us favor with its officers and them with us. Thank You for bringing us together so that we might establish an agreement—a partnership—that is right for them and for us, one that is profitable for their operation as well as ours.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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