Correcting an Employee

Lord, I lift up _________________. I know it is a difficult situation for any employee when an indiscretion or mistake has to be brought to the attention of his or her supervisor.
Lord, correction is not a pleasant task. But it is a necessary one. I realize that I would be a poor steward of my responsibilities if correction was needed and I did not take appropriate action.
In addressing this situation, help me to focus my attention on the performance, and not on the performer. Help me to speak plainly and accurately, to be objective and not emotional. I pray that I may address this situation in a straightforward and honest manner. At the same time, Lord, help me to build a peace and a confidence in the employee’s mind and heart that I am for him/her 100 percent, that I believe in him/her, that I am here to help him/her—not to tear him/her down, but to build him/her up.
Help me to make it clear what action he/she took that I disapproved of, or what action he/she failed to take that caused me to be disappointed. Then help me to make it clear what action I expect him/her to take to correct the situation.
Father, I ask You to help him/her to be open and sensitive so he/she can see his/her mistake and understand the reason for my correction. Help him/her not to take it as a personal affront or reprimand, but rather as an opportunity to overcome and move forward.
Lord, help me to listen to his/her side of the situation, and if it merits a reassessment or rethinking on my part, help me to have an open mind and take the necessary steps to correct my own position. As I listen to what he/she has to say, help me to be sensitive to his/her needs, to realize that it is an embarrassing situation for him/her just as it is for me.
Prepare our hearts, Lord, before the meeting, that our attitudes may be right, our minds may be clear and our spirits may be one so we can bring a sense of unity and objectivity into the meeting.
I ask You, Lord, that when we meet together You will give him/her clarity of thought and an open heart, that he/she may receive what I have to say and apply it to his/her work situation.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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