Establishing Communication

Father, to as many as received Jesus, You gave the power to become Your sons and daughters. I am learning to be straightforward in my communication with my brothers and sisters in Christ, my co-laborers in the Lord. I have the power to be direct, honestly expressing my feelings and desires, because Jesus has been made unto me wisdom. Wisdom from above is straightforward, impartial (unbiased, objective) and unfeigned (free from doubts, wavering and insincerity).
I am Your creation, Father, and You created me to be active in sharing my faith, so that I will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. It is my prayer that my conversation will always be full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that I may know how to answer everyone. I am content with my own reality (satisfied to the point where I am not disturbed or disquieted) in whatever state I am, so those around me can feel safe in my presence. I will speak truly, deal truly and live truly, expressing the truth in love.
As Your children and co-laborers, we walk in the ever-developing maturity that enables us to be in perfect harmony and full agreement in what we say, perfectly united in our common understanding and in our opinions and judgments. And if on some point we think differently, You will make it clear to us. We live up to what we have already attained in our individual lives and in our group. We will let our yes be simply yes, and our no be simply no.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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