For Children With Special Needs

Father, I come before You boldly and confidently, knowing that You watch over Your Word to perform it, just as You have performed miracles throughout history.
I pray for my children who have special needs, asking You to quicken them to Your Word—that they may be filled with wisdom and revelation knowledge concerning the integrity of Your Word. I pray for the infilling of the Holy Spirit, divine health, the fruit of the recreated human spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and deliverance. Lord, You are the Source of every consolation, comfort, and encouragement, and my children are to be sanctified in spirit, soul, and body.
I pray for deliverance of their bodies and minds, for You, Lord God, are the health of their countenance and the lifter of those bowed down—the joy of the Lord is their strength and stronghold! I ask You to commission ministering spirits to go forth as they hearken to Your Word to provide the necessary help for and assistance to those for whom I am praying.
Nothing is too hard or impossible for You. Because of our faith in You, all things are possible to us who believe. Let my prayers be set forth as incense before You—a sweet fragrance to You! Praise the Lord!
In the name of Jesus I pray, amen.

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