Handling Accounts Receivable

Father, I lift up those people who are in debt to this organization. I thank You that everyone who owes our company money pays it to us.
For those who are unable to pay because they lack the necessary funds, I thank You for increasing their business and providing them the income needed to meet their financial obligations.
For those, Lord, who order products/services and cannot pay for them because of a lack of foresight or improper budgeting, I ask that You give them wisdom concerning the future. I pray that the eyes of their understanding will be opened and that they will learn to be more diligent in their business dealings.
Lord, concerning those people who fraudulently order products/services with no intention to pay, I ask that You will cause them to see their need to deal justly in all their business transactions. Send the Holy Spirit to convict their hearts and reprove their minds, that they might repent, make things right and follow Your rules and principles.
I pray, Father, for our credit manager. I ask that You give him/her success and favor when gathering information and contacting our debtors, and wisdom and knowledge in making decisions about handling the accounts—especially those that are overdue.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Scripture References:
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