Handling Unpaid Bills

Lord, I come to You concerning these bills that are currently due. As You are aware, we are unable to pay them at this time.
Lord, I know it is right to keep our vendors and debtors informed, and I commit to do so.
I ask You for favor with all those we owe. Give me wisdom as I speak to them concerning the fulfillment of our obligations. Help them to realize, Father, that our inability to pay is not due to fraudulence in our dealings. Assure them that when we incurred these debts, we were operating in full confidence that we would be able to meet the obligations at the time specified. Now that we are unable to do so, I ask You, Father, that You give us favor with them so that we can work out an agreeable plan for retiring these obligations.
I thank You for bringing in the needed funds through increased sales and/or decreased expenses so that we can pay off our outstanding debts as soon as possible.
Thank You, Lord, for all Your help.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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