Increasing Productivity for Another

Father, I come to You regarding the work performance of ___________________. It seems to me that he/she should be more productive.
I ask You, Lord, to help me speak to him/her concerning this issue, and then help him/her to accept the challenge to improve. Help him/her to organize his/her work, to see any potential habits that he/she may have that are not productive and to recognize and correct any relationships that are not contributing to his/her success on the job.
Father, speak to ______________. Encourage and strengthen him/her. Give him/her wisdom and knowledge of how to organize his/her day, insight on how to stay focused and determination to stay committed to a job until it’s done.
Help him/her, Lord, not to get sidetracked, but to be productive and efficient and effective in all that he/she does.
If there is anything I need to do in order to help him/her, or anything I need to share or bring to light, please speak to me and let me know.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Scripture References:
Philemon 6 Proverbs 10:4
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