Lifting Up Vendors

Lord, I lift up our vendors—those organizations and individuals who contribute to the growth and productivity of this company. Help us to have a good relationship with them. Help us to appreciate and acknowledge their efforts on our behalf. Help us to realize that even though we are buying their products and services, it is still a partnership between us and that without them we could not accomplish that which we need to achieve in order to be a successful organization.
Father, I thank You for giving them success, not only in their business dealings with us but in all their dealings both professional and personal. I thank You that they are blessed and prospered because through their dealings with us we are blessed and prospered. Give them wisdom and insight concerning their business, and prosper everything they put their hands to.
Help us to be a witness and a blessing to every one of our vendors. May they see Your favor and Your blessing upon us and realize that any contact they have with us is an encounter with You—an encounter with Your love and goodness, an encounter with Your joy and peace, an encounter with Your abundance.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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