Father, we lift before You those in the Body of Christ who are out in the field carrying the good news of the Gospel not only in this country, but also around the world. We lift those in the Body of Christ who are suffering persecution — those who are in prison for their beliefs. Father, we know that You watch over Your Word to perform it, that Your Word prospers in the thing for which You sent it. Therefore, we speak Your Word and establish Your covenant on this earth. We pray here, and others receive the answer there by the Holy Spirit.
Thank You, Father, for revealing unto Your people the integrity of Your Word and that they must be firm in faith against the devil’s onset, withstanding him. Father, You are their Light, Salvation, Refuge and Stronghold. You hide them in Your shelter and set them high upon a rock. It is Your will that each one prospers, is in good health and lives in victory. You set the prisoners free, feed the hungry, execute justice, rescue and deliver.
In Jesus’ name, we bind you, Satan, and every menacing spirit that would stir up against God’s people.
We commission the ministering spirits to go forth and provide the necessary help for and assistance to these heirs of salvation. We and they are strong in the Lord and in the power of Your might, quenching every dart of the devil in Jesus’ name.
Father, we use our faith, covering these in the Body of Christ with Your Word. We say that no weapon formed against them shall prosper, and any tongue that rises against them in judgment they shall show to be in the wrong. This peace, security and triumph over opposition is their inheritance as Your children. This is the righteousness they obtain from You, Father, which You impart to them as their justification. They are far from even the thought of destruction; for they shall not fear, and terror shall not come near them.
Father, You say You will establish them to the end — keep them steadfast, give them strength and guarantee their vindication, that is, be their Warrant against all accusation or indictment. They are not anxious beforehand how they shall reply in defense or what they are to say, for the Holy Spirit teaches them in that very hour and moment what they ought to say to those in the outside world, their speech being seasoned with salt.
We commit these, our brothers and sisters in the Lord, to You, Father, deposited into Your charge, entrusting them to Your protection and care, for You are faithful. You strengthen them and set them on a firm foundation and guard them from the evil one. We join our voices in praise unto You, Most High, that You might silence the enemy and avenger. Praise the Lord! Greater is He Who is in us than he who is in the world!
In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

If you would like to continue to pray on this topic, Germaine suggests that you pray the Prayers for God’s People, Ministers, and Ministries to be found in the Prayers That Avail Much Commemorative Edition

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