Parenting Skills

Father, now that I am a single parent, I ask You to be a father/mother to my child/children, and to give me strength and wisdom for the task before me. I am not sufficient of myself to think anything as of myself; but my sufficiency is of You. In every situation help me to remember that Your grace is sufficient for me; for Your strength is made perfect in weakness.
Father, my children are prone to foolishness and fads. I ask You for the grace to apply the cure that comes through tough-minded discipline. In the name of Jesus I will not provoke and exasperate my children with abusive language or harsh physical treatment, but will nurture, correct, and instruct them in the ways of righteousness. You have imparted the law of kindness to me, enabling me to resist the temptation to make unproductive threats. I will set boundaries of protection and security, training them up in the way they should go. I resist the temptation to be domineering and demanding. Instead I will show love by disciplining them, even as a shepherd tends his sheep.
Father, there is so much to do, and even when I’m tired and worn out, my children need me. I will not be [merely] concerned with my own interests, or consumed with making ends meet, but will show interest in my children’s activities through participation, listening, and praise. Your words are in my heart, and I will teach them diligently to my children, and talk of them when I walk by the way, when I lie down, and when I rise up. Thank You for sending the Holy Spirit Who is my Comforter, Strengthener, and Standby.
Wisdom from above is wholehearted and straightforward, and I will remember that it is unwise to compare myself with my child or to compete with him/her. When I was a child I behaved as a child, but now that I am an adult I will to put away childish behavior, and to be an imitator of You, heavenly Father, shepherding my children with love. In the name of Jesus I pull down every controlling, manipulative attitude. I resist the temptation to coerce; instead, I will seek to lead them into paths of righteousness for Your name’s sake.
In the name of Jesus, I ask You to watch over these words that I have prayed and perform them in my life. Amen.

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