Prayer for a New Employee

Father, I thank You for _______________, whom we have just hired as a new employee for our company. Lord, I believe that we have heard Your voice and that this is the right choice. I ask You to help him/her to become comfortable in his/her new position. Thank You for his/her learning curve, that he/she learns quickly and rapidly. Give him/her insight and wisdom concerning his/her new job.
The beginning of a new job is normally a stressful time, but I ask that Your peace, which passes all understanding, will engulf and surround this individual—that the stress of starting a new job and learning new things and meeting new people will be eliminated and that this will be a joyful and exciting time for all concerned.
Father, I pray for those who will train this new employee. I thank You that You give them wisdom and understanding about what to say and how to say it. Help them to know how to give proper instructions. Help them to be sensitive to this new individual as they work together as a team.
Father, I pray that through this transition period whatever needs to be said will be said, and whatever examples need to be given will be given and that it will be an efficient and effective time of training for all concerned.
Help this new employee to feel loved and well-received by all who work here. I ask You to help other employees in the company to extend their expressions of kindness and acceptance, so that as soon as possible the new person will feel a part of this organization. Help him/her to be comfortable here and to feel within his/her heart that he/she is a vital, contributing force to the success of this organization.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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