Prayer for an Increase

Father, I come to You out of frustration because I am not pleased with my performance on the job. It seems that I am not producing that which I should be producing because I am just not as efficient or effective as I need to be.
Lord, I ask for Your help in planning my day, paying attention to my duties, staying focused on my assignment, establishing priorities in my work and making steady progress toward my objectives.
Give me insight, Father. Help me to see any habits that I may have that might tend to make me unproductive. Reveal to me ways to better handle the tedious tasks I must perform, so that I can achieve the greatest results possible. Help me to organize my efforts, schedule my activities and budget my time.
From books, by Your spirit, through the people who work with me or by whatever means You choose, Lord, reveal to me that which I need to know and do in order to become a more productive, fruitful worker.
My heart’s desire is to give my very best to You and to my employer. When I become frustrated because that is not taking place, help me, Father, by the power of Your Spirit to do whatever is necessary to correct that situation so that I can once again function with accuracy and proficiency.
Thank You, Lord, for bringing all these things to pass in my life.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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