Prayer of Daily Dedication to Service

Father, I thank You and praise You for this day. I dedicate myself, afresh and anew, to You and to Your service. I commit to live and operate today according to Your Word and the principles and precepts that You have established in it.
I place myself in Your hands. I submit my will to Your will. In Your Word You have promised that You will give me wisdom in the affairs of life. I receive Your wisdom in every decision I make. Help me to consider both sides of every issue, to see all the facts involved in every situation and to think clearly and accurately.
When I encounter situations or become involved in circumstances beyond my knowledge or experience, I will yield to the Holy Spirit, Whom You have sent to reveal to me all things. I will ask Him to minister to me, to lead me, guide me and direct me in the truth concerning every matter that I have to deal with today.
I choose by an act of my will to be the very best employee that I can be this day, to give my employer 100 percent of my time, my effort and my loyalty.
Father, according to Your Word, everything that I set my hand to shall prosper. I thank You, Lord, that my work shall prosper today. Show me mistakes before they occur and reveal to me how to be more effective and efficient in my work. Help me to bring glory and honor to You in every action I take, every deed I perform and every word I speak.
Thank You that my mind is active and alert. I put out of my thoughts all my personal concerns, and I focus totally on the work before me, giving full attention to the duties and responsibilities that have been assigned me this day.
I thank You that my enthusiasm for my job will be evident to all concerned, and that the excellent way I perform my duties will be a witness to everyone who comes in contact with me.
I choose to be patient and kind to all those who work with me. Thank You that the faithful shall abound in blessings. No matter what the situation, regardless of the circumstances, I will respond in love and in truth. I will not seek my own way or try to promote myself, but I will be secure in the knowledge that if I am faithful and diligent to do my job to the best of my ability, then recognition and promotion will come—from You.
I refuse to lift up myself, to try to force myself into a position of prominence so that others will notice me. I simply commit myself to do whatever I have been assigned to do with all my strength and might and heart and soul.
Thank You that my honest efforts and godly attitude will become obvious to my superiors so that pay increases and promotions will follow as a matter of course. Help me always to be on the lookout for ways to increase my contribution to the success of my department and the company as a whole. In this way, I will find favor with You and with others.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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