Purchasing New Equipment

Lord, I come to You concerning this new piece of equipment that we are considering.
Lord, according to all the sources of information available to us, I have determined that we do need this particular item. If we do not really need it, or if there is another way we can achieve the same results without buying it outright, please speak to my heart and tell me. If we do need to buy it, then I ask You to give us favor as we consult with potential sellers and compare prices and terms.
Father, give us wisdom in this venture. First of all, help us to accurately identify the benefits and services that this piece of equipment will provide for us so that we can buy with confidence that it will fulfill our needs.
Help us, Lord, to determine the true value and worth of our purchase. Help us not to make the mistake of buying either the cheapest or the most expensive product simply because of its price. Instead, help us to choose the one that will provide maximum quality at the most economical cost. Help us to balance long-term return with short-term outlay.
Help us to determine exactly how this piece of equipment will contribute to our efforts and increase our output and quality of production. Show us ways that it can help us to save money by reducing expenses.
Help us to make the best sales and service contract possible. Help us to identify the maintenance that will be necessary to keep this equipment running at maximum efficiency.
Give us discernment as we consider different dealers and examine their claims, track records and professional references. Give us wisdom so that we can hear and understand what is being said to us and be sensitive to what is not being said.
In all our deliberations, help us, Lord, to establish whether this is the right piece of equipment for our needs and to get the very best value for the money we spend.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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