Loving From Generation to Generation

It was on this day in 2005 when a bouncing baby boy was born to Rachel, our first granddaughter, and Michael Cole. My mother and dad, prayed for their posterity…all their future generations. Mikey Cole was included in their prayers before he was ever conceived. God loved and chose Mikey before the foundation of the world and His plans for him are for good! The Father-God gave Mikey a talent to play baseball and today’s video games and a love for camping. When God saw Mikey being formed in his mother’s womb, He gave him the grace gifts he needs to face life’s challenges and fulfill his destiny. His sweet nature and kind heart endures him to family and friends. Our prayers live on from generation to generation.

Father, today I bring our family, including our posterity, before the throne of grace as a living memorial. In the name of Jesus, I bind my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to the truth of Your love, care, faithfulness, mercy and grace. Your grace is sufficient for all their needs, hurts and issues. Thank You for drawing them to Yourself and giving them the courage to trust You, and the wisdom and understanding necessary to bring their needs and vulnerabilities to You. I ask You to bind up their brokenness and supply their needs, in the name of Jesus. As for me and my house we will serve the LORD in the name of Jesus!

Scriptures References: Ex. 28:12, Matthew 18:18; Philippians 4:19; Joshua 24:15b