Desiring to be Married
There is nothing wrong with having a desire to marry. Have you asked God to reveal his plan for your life, or are you feeling desperate? Desperation originates in selfishness and self-centeredness. Many singles that I talk with are convinced that they will not be happy until they are married. I have unmarried friends who have proven this isn’t true. You can be content and enjoy life even now while you trust God to lead you in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake; you are his workmanship. The choice is yours – you can rely on the Holy Spirit to counsel and guide you or you can do it your way. Unfortunately, religion may look at a single man or woman as incomplete, but this is a lie! If you are in Christ you are complete in him. Let patience have her perfect work as you seek to do and lead a life of purity and holiness.

Father, thank You for sending Jesus. In Him, all the fullness of the Deity lives in bodily form, and I have been given the fullness of the Godhead in Christ, who is the head over every power and authority. My completeness or fulfillment is not in a mate, but in Christ Jesus, my Lord. I am complete in Him. I desire a Christian mate and pray for Your will to be done in my life. Amen.

Scripture Reading
Col. 2:9-10 (NIV)