Power to Get Wealth
Responsibilities can become very heavy, and carrying the stress of making a living sometimes crashes in on you. You may even wish to run away. Have you become encumbered with simply making it through the day? Are you weighed down with the cares of the business, and no matter had hard you work, you feel overwhelmed? Is stress robbing you of quality time with the Father-God and your family? You need the peace of mind and heart that passes all understanding. Shape all your worries into prayer and make your requests known to God with thanksgiving. I encourage you to schedule time to meet with the heavenly Father who loves you as much as he loves Jesus, take care of your health, and spend quality time with your family. They need to know that you are present and want to be with them. It is God, who gives you the power to get wealth, and he has sent the Holy Spirit to help you, counsel you, and give you guidance, and the peace of God will act as umpire in all your decisions.

In the name of Jesus, I cast all my cares, worries, and concerns over on you, my Lord. I am nor sufficient unto myself, but you are my sufficiency, and I will remember you, my Lord, my God, for you give me the power to get wealth, that you may establish your covenant. Out of the abundance of my heart, I shall say, “Let the Lord be magnified, who takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant.” I shall meditate on and talk of your righteousness, rightness and justice, and my reason for praising you all the day long. Amen.

Scripture Reading
I Peter 5:7
Deuteronomy 8:18
Matthew 12:34
Psalm 35:27-28