All things are Possible
Jesus made an amazing statement when he said that all things are possible to him who believes. How is it possible for the impossible to become possible? Establish your belief system according to the word of God, and bring your thoughts into agreement with your God-given hopes and dreams. Take control of your thoughts for they will give birth to your words, words will become actions, actions will become habits, and habits will become character and your character becomes your destiny. Your faith-filled words will give substance to your hopes and your destiny will be fulfilled.

Heavenly Father, I am not limited in doing what You have called me to do. Jesus, my Lord, said that everything is possible for him who believes. Lord, I believe; help my unbelief. The circumstances, finances, connections, the skilled people and the anointing needed to fulfill your will have already been provided. You have made every provision I will ever need. I affirm that no word from my Father is without power or impossible of fulfillment! I will stand and look to You for all my needs. Amen

Scripture Reading
Mark 9:12
Luke 1:37 (AMP)