Praying (Not Worrying) for My Children

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Praying (Not Worrying) for My Children

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Praying (Not Worrying) for My Children

Daily Prayer “Praying (Not Worrying) for My Children”

Something just wasn’t right! I remembered having that feeling when nothing was going on, but this time was different. I was seeing changes in my teenage son, but no one else, including my husband, seemed to notice. Somehow, I just knew, but I didn’t know the questions to ask. No one would listen because I couldn’t give them the facts they needed. In fact, I was accused of being suspicious, worrying when nothing was amiss.
Yet, I knew that something had changed in my son, David’s, behavior, especially his eating habits. Suddenly, my teenage boy couldn’t eat enough like many teenage boys, and sometimes he drank large quantities of milk. Yet, the next night he wasn’t hungry at all. These were not his usual eating habits. Then the bombshell exploded! The unbelievable happened—he was addicted to drugs! We talked with teachers, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists, only to discover there was no human solution to this problem.

It was more vital than ever before to know how to pray prayers that avail much. Each day with my Bible, pen, and notebook, I read, cried, talked with the Holy Spirit, and made notes. I read books on prayer, devouring the contents, and tried all the formulas with vigor! There in the inner chamber of prayer, I wrote letters to the Father, confident that the Holy Spirit was directing my thoughts and writings. I carefully penned meaningful scriptures, inserting David’s name and those of other loved ones. As I re-read the flowing words aloud before the Throne of Grace, my faith rose to new levels. This was the beginning of the book series, Prayers That Avail Much (PTAM). God heard the cries of a desperate mother, and today, my son, David, is a transformed man now serving as Vice President of Prayers That Avail Much Ministries.
You see, my friend, I have not just written prayers to fill books of the PTAM series. I have lived these prayers. They were born from hardship that came to destroy my family, but instead, I trusted the Greater One and trusted His Word. And as I clung to His promises in fellowship with Him, God brought David and me through to victory. I simply share with You all that His Word has given me.
David’s complete testimony, “Set Free from 28 Years of Depression and Addictions” is found on page ??. My detailed testimony of how I prayed for him follows it on page ??

Father-God, I come before You today pleading for the deliverance and salvation of my children. You are my LORD, and my heart rejoices in You. My strength rises in You! My words mock my enemies because I rejoice in Your deliverance. No one is holy like You, the Lord—no, no one except You! I proclaim that there is no rock like my God! You are the LORD who knows, and You weigh every act.
Dear Father, I through the eyes of my heart, I see my children walking with You all the days of their lives. Even before You made the world, You loved us and chose us. You chose my children—chose them to be holy and without fault in Your eyes. You are rich in kindness and grace, and You have holy plans for my children. Before You have a hope and a future for them. You have a prearranged plan for them to walk in the good life.
So I thank You that You give my children the spiritual wisdom and insight that they might grow in the knowledge of You. I pray their hearts will be flooded with light so they can understand their rich and glorious spiritual inheritance. I also pray that they will understand the incredible greatness of Your power for us who believe. Praise God, this is the same mighty power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.
Thank You, Father, for laborers sent across the paths of my children—laborers to whom they will listen and who can lead them into the light of God’s Word. In the name of Jesus Christ, there is nowhere they can go to avoid Your Spirit. If they climb to the sky, You’re there! If they go underground, You’re there! If they fly on morning’s wings to the far western horizon, You will find them—You’re already there waiting! Father, in the name of Jesus, I proclaim that all my children will be disciples taught by the LORD. They will be obedient to Your will, and great shall be their peace and undisturbed composure. My children were born to worship and glorify You!

Scripture References
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