A New Attitude

In his junior year of high school, our son became a stranger to us. My husband and I consulted teachers, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists only to discover there was no human solution to his drug addiction. With my Bible, pen and paper ready, I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me to pray. I cried, listened to teaching tapes, and made notes from my Bible and a book on prayer, In His Presence, by E. W. Kenyon.
Our son’s need for deliverance began my introduction to “spiritual warfare.” To my surprise I discovered the warfare, the good fight of faith, takes place in the mind. Over time the Word of God exposed the thoughts of my heart and ungodly beliefs that had been formed from my childhood. The love of God challenged the judgmental, critical attitude that had become a stronghold that I called “discernment.” My attitude toward sinners would hinder my prayers for David.
The story of the prodigal son and the account of Jesus’ actions concerning Peter created havoc with my sense of justice and my “holy indignation.” When Jesus knew Satan was going to test Peter, he prayed for Peter. “Peter I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail. When you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.” (Read Luke 22:31-32)
Not only will the Holy Spirit teach you to pray; he will create in you a clean heart free from prejudice and anger. Even my motives went through a transformation. As you grow in grace and replace wrong beliefs for the knowledge of Jesus Christ, old, ungodly attitudes are changed. You begin to see people as God sees them.
Father, in the name of Jesus I repent for my judgmental, critical attitude toward my son and others who don’t meet my standards. I confess that I have thought more highly of myself than I have of them. I confess that have not disciplined my son according to the law of love. Forgive me, O LORD, and give me the grace to forgive myself for the incorrect perceptions about parenting. I tried to force obedience through manipulation, and I ask you to forgive me for trying to do the work of the Holy Spirit. I forgive my caretakers who conditioned my thought processes contrary to your Truth. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for coming to my aid and leading me into all Truth. My child is a disciple taught of the Lord, in the name of Jesus. Amen
Scripture References: I John 1:9; Numbers 14:19; Isaiah 54:13

Meditation: Luke 6:36-38