New Imagination

Your teenager is out on his motorcycle and it is raining. He is late and your imagination is running wild! You see him lying in a ditch while cars zoom past him. You are sad and worried, filled with fear, because no one comes to his rescue. Before you realize it your imagination has him in a casket with the family standing around in shock. Feelings of anxiety have you wringing your hands and pacing the floor. You can’t even pray or think of a scripture. You need a new imagination!

One night when our son, David, was late coming home my imagination was running wild as I walked the floor. A strong suggestion surpassed the fear: you can walk the floor reading your Bible. Gasping: I reached for my Bible, turned to Psalm 91 and began reading aloud over David. I don’t know how many times I read it before anxiety disappeared. After I had gone back to bed, I heard the front door open and the hall light was turned off…David was home. You can resist vain imaginations and develop a new imagination!


“Father-God, forgive me for entertaining lying vanities that have become strongholds of worry and anxiety in my life. Holy Spirit, I receive You as my divine Counselor and Companion. I have tried to overcome these feelings and incorrect perceptions. I humble myself and ask You to reveal the origin of these feelings and thoughts of anxiety and worry, and heal those broken places in my soul caused by past events. As I renew my mind I renounce fear of the unknown and receive the healing that You provide. Fill me with light, truth, peace, and wisdom. I receive and thank You for Your forgiveness; I allowed incorrect perceptions to dominate my thinking, and now my mind is renewed by Your Word. I ask You for grace to trust You more and receive the peace that passes understanding, in the name of Jesus. Amen.”
Scripture Meditation: 2 Cor 10;3-5; 1 Peter 5:6-7