New Worship Awakening early morning from a “deep dream of peace” I heard music and words rising from within the depths of my being. I opened my eyes to moonlight dancing in my room and marveled at the sound. “How can I say thanks for all the things you have done for me…” I yawned and stretched before throwing the covers back. Grabbing my robe, I hurried downstairs to start the coffee while the song continued. I waited for the coffee pot to beep, then with my filled cup I hurried to my computer to do a search. It was still dark outside when I saw the composer’s name on my screen…Andrae’ Crouch. The memory began to flood my soul! Many years ago I attended one of his concerts at the Symphony Hall in Atlanta Georgia. This was my first worship experience after my sensational encounter with Jesus Christ, and I was excited! Jesus loved me and I loved Him! Taking my seat I waited expectantly and was soon thrilled by the sounds of worship as Andrae’ sang to the LORD. I was pleasantly surprised when he asked us to stand and worship with him. Wanting God to understand my expression of worship, I sang with gusto! Now I need you to understand that I had observed how the saints of the church worshipped God. I knew they were sincere and I tried to imitate them. I called up every ounce of energy and applied it to my facial expression. Every muscle in my face and neck bulged with power and there was a frown on my face. I was worshipping to the best of my ability when the roof opened and I saw Jesus looking directly at me! He looked relaxed as he kept time with the music. He looked into my eyes and SMILED! Without thinking I relaxed and smiled back at Him! He is looking for those who worship Him in spirit and in truth! The more I love Him, the more I worship Him…the more I worship Him the more I love Him! Come into His presence with singing and worship the King of kings and the Lord of lords! Worship will change you! PRAYER: Lord-God, I come into Your presence with singing holy, holy, holy is the Lord of hosts! You are my God! The whole earth is full of Your glory! You are high and lifted up and Your train fills the temple. I have been redeemed, and my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. You are the Lamb who was slain and You are worthy to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing! All glory to You, my Father…all glory to the Son and all glory of the Spirit…the great three-in-one! You alone are God and I worship You in spirit and in truth! Be exalted Oh Lord, above the heavens! Let all the nations worship at Your footstool in the name of Jesus! Scripture References: Isa 6:3; Psalm 99:5; Rev 5