Surprised by God’s Love

God, our Father, reveals His love in so many ways! Walking downstairs I see dark clouds moving above the waters. Once again I sit in my favorite place, worshiping God and thanking Him for the beauty of Planet Earth. He plans a different canvas for each day just for His people to observe His marvelous works. An amazing light brushes the tree tops with a warm, breathtaking shade of rust. The red-orange-brown color glows, but as I gaze the trees turn back to the gray color of winter as the sun plays hide-and-seek with dark-gray clouds. The wind helps the light push against the heavy clouds, smearing the sky with flashes of a soft, airy blue. The clouds linger nearby and I hear the laughter of the wind moving through the tree tops outside my windows. Circumstances change, the landscape changes, but the light still shines and God is still working.

All praise to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit—the great Three-in-One! I come to praise You! You have made me glad and I am joyfully singing “How Great Thou Art” as I come to worship You! I know that You are God, You created me and I belong to You. I am the sheep of Your pasture. I thank You for the beauty of the earth. Lord, Your word is right and true; You are faithful in all that You do. You are Love, the Creator of the universe. I love righteousness and justice, and thank You that the earth is full of Your unfailing love. Thank You for this vast universe of deserts, majestic mountains, ocean waves, lakes, trees dressed in splendor, flowers that bloom, birds that sing, squirrels that scamper through autumn leaves, geese that fly in formation, blue skies, fog, mist, the sun and moon and the stars that You call by name. You are good! Your love and faithfulness will last forever!

Scripture References: Psalm 33:4-5 NIV; Psalm 100; Psalm 8