Love Streaked with Selfishness

On a cold January morning I awoke very early and watched the dawn paint the skies with pink before the electric blue sky dotted with soft fluffy clouds moved in. As I continued to gaze, darker clouds streaked the western sky. Could this possibly be what our hearts might look like when we are born-again and God’s love is poured into our hearts…a love streaked with selfishness? I loved my Heavenly Father and wanted to imitate Him, but my efforts to be perfect were futile. If I ever managed to reach the top rung of the ladder of perfection there was another ladder waiting for me. One day I heard about a more excellent way…the way of love, and I began pursuing the God-kind of love as described in 1 Corinthians 13. No one had to instruct me in selfishness but I needed a Helper, a Teacher who could guide me in this New Way of Living. Learning to walk in the Love of God is an on-going process. As my mother-in-law said, “It takes a lifetime to learn how to live.”

How amazing, how marvelous! God of all creation, Jesus Christ has made me acceptable to You, and now I am at peace with You. I can never praise You enough for sending Your Son who also introduced me to Your undeserved kindness on which I take my stand. So I am happy, as I look forward to sharing in the Your glory, and that’s not all! Now rather than complaining I rejoice in suffering because I know that suffering helps me to endure. Endurance is building character, which gives me a hope that will never disappoint me. All of this happens because You have given me the Holy Spirit, who fills my heart with Your love. Forgive me and cleanse me from any unrighteousness that caused these selfish thoughts and beliefs that controlled my behavior toward others. With total forgiveness and unconditional love I choose to be considerate of others…I choose to love others as You have loved me! Thank You, Holy Spirit, for coming to my aid and working with me as I am learning to walk in the Love of God, in the name of Jesus.
Scripture References: Romans 5; 1 John 1:9