Germaine and the Word Ministries Staff
May 2008 be a year of Accelerated Blessings
for you and your family

Praise God for His faithfulness! He is a God who hears and answers the prayers of His children. Thank you for praying with us for the rains to come to Georgia USA. Our Christmas gift from our Heavenly Father was rain and more rain! This first picture was taken when the lake outside our house was at its lowest. There was a beach where there was never before. Animals left their tracks as they found their way to the water. You can view the water line on the ladder in this picture. The target practice deer was moved before the rains came – the water would now be above his head (See second picture…the lake as it appears today)!

Also in 2007 a grandson reunited with the family. It was a blessing to have him and his three children with us our Christmas dinner for the first time in several years. Our Father heals and restores relationships.

A Prayer Weekend

Have you considered attending a prayer retreat, conference or seminar? Each October a group of ladies come to the woodlands of Callaway Gardens® in Pine Mountain, Georgia to seek God and enjoy the beauty of His creation. Meeting in this place of “endless possibilities of joy and inspiration” we communicate with Him in the expansive natural surroundings of His creation and share with each other. We marvel at the handiwork of our God — the majestic trees shedding their golden and rust-colored leaves, the peaceful lake where watchful parents and their children are playing. We stroll by the Vegetable Garden where our appetites are teased by the neat rows of fall vegetables, and we are awestruck by the brilliant colors of the butterflies as we walk through the Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center. Enjoying the company of old friends and new-found sisters we revel in the glorious presence of our Maker. It is a glorious day!

After a restful, refreshing afternoon we return to the Lodge where we are staying, have a sumptuous dinner and prepare for the evening Call to Prayer with Pastor Lane. In the conference room several ladies and I pull our chairs together forming a circle. We read First Kings 18:37-39 and Acts 3:1-6. Discussing how we would apply these Scriptures to our lives, we express our desire for a demonstration of God’s power in our everyday, ordinary lives-our sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around lives We realize that our Father is the same yesterday, today and forever.

In Kings a demonstration of His power caused people to cry out: the Lord, He is God! In the book of Acts Peter spoke to the crippled man at the Gate Beautiful and there was a demonstration of divine power. We have these examples of God’s power. He wants us to trust Him to demonstrate His power through us so that our loved ones and others will come to know Him. Have we become so sophisticated that we forget we are created for His pleasure?

As we sat for a moment in contemplation, a lovely young woman broke the silence saying: I have a trust issue and become fearful when I think that God wants me to do something. On different levels, we each identify with her and ask God to help us grow in grace that we might learn to trust Him to expose and help us remove pride, fears and habits that so easily beset us. What do you need to change: watch less television, let go of bad feelings toward others, let go of fears, let go of the past, establish a new diet plan, develop an exercise program, read through the Bible, schedule a prayer time? I can say that I want to change, but change is doing something different than I’ve been doing. Whatever change you may desire to make, you are not alone! The Holy Spirit is your Divine Helper.


To the glory of the Father I welcome you, Holy Spirit. I’m so grateful that You are my Helper as I prepare for the New Year. I humble myself before You asking for Divine Guidance. In Jesus’ name I commit myself anew to Your plans and purposes, that I might run the full race completing the destiny to which You have called me. I choose to trust in You, Lord, and put my full confidence in You and Your word. I delight myself in You. Father-God, be glorified in my life throughout the coming year as never before, in Jesus name. Amen.

PRAYER 2 (written from the prophecy given by Jim Tippin of Dowagiac, Michigan):

Father, thank You for exposing the leaven that has impeded my spiritual and emotional growth during 2007; it has no place in the year of acceleration, 2008. You have spoken through Your son, Jim Tippin, and I submit to the constant ministry of transformation by the Holy Spirit. I would remove those wrong attitudes and time wasters that hindered my prayer time, reading and meditation in Your Word. Thank You for filling those empty places with truly the smoke, the fire, the lightning. Father, I am tired of doing my thing, tired of spinning my wheels, stuck in the ruts – running in place going no where. I choose to obey Your command to accelerate in 2008. I thank You for giving me the wisdom to remain steady even when others say: that can’t be of God. I desire to know those things of God that I do not yet know. I have heard of yesterday’s stories. I’ve heard of yesterday’s glory but nothing will compare to what You have in store for me in 2008.

I’m looking for a time when the fullness will come as in Acts 2. I am listening for that sound that goes forth to attract those that will come even though they may laugh and they scoff at me and make fun of me. I am like a tree planted by the living water; I shall not be moved. God’s ability to keep me is greater than the darts of the enemy.

In the name of Jesus I declare the leaven of 2007 gone. Today, I am accelerating with a new sound, a new language and a new song. The boldness of the Spirit of God is rising within me and my enemies are scattered. What you did for Peter in Acts 2 you will do for me: cowardice is displaced with the holy boldness to speak the message of Truth that will set the captives free. Amen.

Loving in Jesus’ Name,



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