Question from a Prayer Partner

Question: Would you send information, please, about your ministry?

My Answer:

Word Ministries Inc. is a teaching and prayer ministry.

Our mission is to unite the Body of Christ in the prayer of agreement…Matthew 18:19

The Plan

1.A Global Intercessors Network praying for every nation, every tribe, people and language

2.A Daily Written Prayer for the nation/s of the day will be sent to your email address, posted on Word Ministries website, Facebook page and Twitter

3.The prayer of agreement from around the globe ascends to the Father as a symphony of praise.

Guidelines for effective intercession

  • Abide – John 15:7
  • Meditate – Psalm 104:33-34
  • Obey – 2 Corinthians 10:5

You can sign up to be a Global Intercessor and subscribe to receive complimentary “Daily Prayers” at

United in prayer we stand!