Complete in Him as a Single

Father, we thank You that __________ desires and earnestly seeks first after the things of Your Kingdom. We thank You that he/she knows that You love him/her and that he/she can trust Your Word.
For in Jesus the whole fullness of Diety (the Godhead) continues to dwell in bodily form — giving complete expression of the Divine Nature, and __________ is in Him and has come to the fullness of life in Christ. He/she is filled with the Godhead — Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — and he/she reaches full spiritual stature. And Christ is the Head of all rule and authority — of every angelic principality and power.
So because of Jesus, __________ is complete; Jesus is his/her Lord. He/she comes before You, Father, desiring a born-again, Christian mate. We petition that Your will be done in his/her life. Now we enter into that blessed rest by adhering, trusting in, and relying on You, in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Scripture References:
Matthew 6:33 Hebrews 4:10
Colossians 2:9,

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