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prayer for deliverance from corrupt companions

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Deliverance from corrupt companions

Daily Prayers for deliverance from corrupt companions

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask You to open the eyes of _____’s understanding, that he might not be deceived by the influence of corrupt and depraved people. Thank You for causing him to come alive and awakening him that he might return to sober sense and his right mind.

Father, I forgive his sins and come before You asking for mercy — mercy that triumphs over judgment. Thank You for drawing him to Yourself with cords and bands of love and for leading him to repentance with Your goodness. Then he will separate himself from contact with contaminating influences and cleanse himself from everything that would defile his spirit, soul, and body.

In the name of Jesus, I bind his mind to the mind of Christ, that he might live and conduct himself honorably and becomingly as in the open light of the day. I loose him from the wrong thought patterns of his former lifestyle that were controlled by a set of values inspired by the adversary, who misleads those who have not come alive to Christ.
Iask You to give him a willing heart, that he might be loyally subject (submissive) to the governing (civil) authority — not resisting nor setting himself up against them. He shall be obedient, prepared, and willing to do any upright and honorable work. He shall walk as a companion with wise men, and he shall be wise.

__________ is pardoned through the name of Jesus and because he confesses His name. He is victorious over the wicked one because he has come to know and recognize and be aware of the Father.

As _______’s mind is renewed by the Word, the Word dwells and remains in him, and he dwells in the Son and in the Father always. God’s nature abides in _______ — His principle of life remains permanently within him, and he cannot practice sinning because he is born of God. The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made ________ free from the law of sin and death. Thank You, Father, for watching over Your Word to perform it, in Jesus’ name! Amen.

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