For Your Children’s Future

Father, Your Word declares that children are an inheritance from You and promises peace when they are taught in Your ways. I dedicate __________ to You today, that he/she may be raised as You desire and will follow the path You choose. Father, I confess Your Word this day over __________. I thank You that Your Word goes out and will not return unto You void, but will accomplish what You send it to do.
Heavenly Father, I commit myself, as a parent, to train __________ in the way he/she should go, trusting in the promise that he/she will not depart from Your ways, but will grow and prosper in them. I turn the care and burden of raising him/her over to You. I will not provoke my child, but I will nurture and leave him/her in Your care. I will do as Your Word commands and teach my child diligently. My child will be upon my heart and mind. Your grace is sufficient to overcome my inabilities as a parent.
My child __________ is obedient and honors both his/her parents, being able to accept the abundant promises of Your Word of long life and prosperity. __________ is a godly child, not ashamed or afraid to honor and keep Your Word. He/she stands convinced that You are the Almighty God. I am thankful that as __________ grows, he/she will remember You and not pass by the opportunity of a relationship with Your Son, Jesus. Your great blessings will be upon __________ for keeping Your ways. I thank You for Your blessings over every area of __________’s life, that You will see to the salvation and obedience of his/her life to Your ways.
Heavenly Father, I thank You now that laborers will be sent into __________’s path, preparing the way for salvation, as it is written in Your Word, through Your Son, Jesus. I am thankful that __________ will recognize the devices of the devil and will be delivered to salvation through the purity of Your Son. You have given __________ the grace and the strength to walk the narrow pathway to Your Kingdom.
I pray that just as Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, so this child will be blessed with the same wisdom and stature, and that You will pour out Your favor and blessings openly on him/her.
I praise You in advance for __________’s future spouse. Father, Your Word declares that You desire for Your children to be pure and honorable, waiting upon marriage. I speak blessings to the future union and believe that __________ will be well suited to his/her partner and that their household will be in godly order, holding fast to the love of Jesus Christ. Continue to prepare ________ to be the man/woman of God that You desire him/her to be.
__________ will be diligent and hard-working, never lazy or undisciplined. Your Word promises great blessing to his/her house, and he/she shall always be satisfied and will always increase. Godliness is profitable unto his/her house, and __________ shall receive the promise of life and all that is to come.
Father, thank You for protecting and guiding my child.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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