Lifting Up Employees

Father, I pray for every employee of this organization. I ask that You give me wisdom in my interaction with them. Help me to recognize and develop their individual strengths. Help me to provide them with the necessary tools and resources to get their jobs done. Make me sensitive to their needs, both personal and professional.
Help me to manage what is the most important asset of this organization—that is, its people. When I look at them, help me to see them with my heart as well as my eyes. Give me the ability to communicate clearly to them the ideas and directions that You have given me. Help them to understand the decisions that are being made which involve them. Help me to be open to their input in these matters.
Lord, grant me the wisdom to balance the tangible, strategic and tactical aspects of every decision with the intangible, sensitive and human aspects involved in it. Cause me to see my employees as people and not merely as workers, and show me how to bring out the best in each of them.
Help me, Father, to teach them truth. Give me the ability to communicate to them clearly what I expect from them. Help me to deal fairly and honestly with them, to praise them when they do well and to correct them when they fail.
Help me, Father, to be able to share insight and constructive criticism with them. Help me to always focus on the performance and never the performers so that even after correction, they still feel encouraged and excited about their work with a full understanding of what needs to be done to change or correct the specific action under review.
I pray for their families, Lord. Bless them financially and physically. Grant them health and wholeness and provide for their needs abundantly.
I ask, Father, that You grant them joy and enthusiasm concerning their work. By Your Spirit, help them to see the big picture of this organization—not just their small parts in it. Give them the ability to understand that the more they put into their work, the more they will derive from it.
Help them, Lord, to control their tongues. Cause them to realize that strife and gossip and backbiting are destructive forces which will, in the end, not only negatively affect the company but, more seriously, destroy them spiritually.
Raise up among their ranks Joshuas and Calebs and make them evident to me. Give me insight on who to promote and where to place them for maximum advantage.
I thank You, Father, for sending us good people—qualified and dedicated men and women to do the jobs that need to be done. I thank You that they are anointed of You. You have said that those You call, You also anoint, and that those You anoint, You also equip. Thank You for Your anointing to get the job done above and beyond our own strengths, abilities, gifts and talents.
Thank You for imparting to all the employees of this company everything they need to perform their duties with joy and excellence. I pray that at the end of the day, they may truthfully say, “I have given my all and done my best.” Thank You for Your blessings upon them because of their commitment and their faithfulness to You and this company.
In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

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