Prayer for a Superior

Father, in Your Word, You said to pray for those who exercise authority over us, so I pray for my manager/supervisor today. I ask You to give him/her clarity of thought concerning every decision made this day. Help him/her to clearly identify and accurately assess every potential problem. Help him/her to make the right decisions—to respond, and not to react, to whatever situation or circumstance might arise during the course of the day.
I ask You, Father, to help him/her to set the proper priorities today. Reveal to him/her what tasks are most important and cause him/her to inspire us to perform our duties to the best of our abilities.
I ask that You help him/her to be sensitive to the needs of those under his/her supervision, those who work for him/her. Help him/her to realize that not everyone is the same and that no two people respond or react in the same way. Help him/her to adapt his/her management style or technique to the strengths, weaknesses and personality type of each individual. Grant him/her the ability to manage beyond his/her own natural gifts and talents. I pray that he/she will rely upon You, drawing strength, wisdom and insight from You.
I purpose in my heart to set a guard over my mouth. I refuse to say anything negative or disrespectful about my manager/supervisor. I choose to support him/her and to say only good things about him/her.
Lord, I ask You to give him/her a peaceful spirit, so that even in the midst of great turmoil he/she may act with surety and confidence and make wise decisions. Help me to be sensitive to his/her needs and responsibilities. Show me ways, Lord, to support him/her and to assist him/her in the performance of his/her duties.
Father, You have said in Your Word that Your Spirit will show us things to come. I ask You to show my manager/supervisor the solution to small problems before they become major problems. Grant him/her creative ideas on how he/she can better lead and manage his/her department.
For all these things I give You thanks, praise and glory, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Scripture References:
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